As a leading home and business service provide, we also offer an inspection service including gas leaks, camera inspections, water leaks inspections and pre-purchase inspections.

We have years of experience working in conditions and all types of properties and dwellings. Give us call today for your inspection needs. Please visit the links below for detailed information on the specific services we provide.

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Property Plumbing Considerations

Owing a property or considering the purchase of a home/building can be the most stressful thing we ever do throughout our lives. It is crucial to ensure that what you may be about to buy is in sound condition as far as the plumbing and gas fitting side of things is concerned, this is where our large range of investigation services we can offer you come into play.

Throughout the life of a property there can also be situations that arise in a building such as leaks, cracking, bad smells, dampness, overflowing drain pipes, corrosion of fixtures and pipes and high utility bills. All these items require investigations to establish just why this has happened and how the problem can be carefully fixed.

In most circumstances when it comes to a problem involving gas or plumbing the issue is either buried under ground, hidden inside a wall cavity or in a ceiling space making the source of the problem very hard to initially see. Therefore, Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting have a built a solid reputation throughout the plumbing industry for assisting our customers direct or through various agencies such as insurance companies because have invested in high tech investigation equipment. Equipment such as Excavation Machinery, CCTV Cameras (in various sizes allowing access into small and large diameter pipes), High Pressure Water Jetters, Concrete Removal Equipment, Dust Extraction Machinery and Locating Equipment it has made us a more specialist plumbing business offering a service not too many other companies can help with.

Working With The Best

It is of course initially crucial to find the problem and work out how to fix it, but secondly minimise the disruption to the area in the way which the problem is fixed. Take for example a broken water main underground you do not want to cut the entire driveway up just a small section locally where the problem is so that the costs and the aesthetic appeal is as low as possible. Through working with some of Australia’s largest insurance companies we have come to understand just how each company expect a situation to be handled and how they would like the reports to be filled out throughout the job. What this ensures is that all processes get ticked off as quick as possible and any entitled credits are returned as soon as possible minimising lengthy delays.

With a growing concern for the environment we also offer inspections which can entitle the property owner to significant government rebates. Installing more energy efficient hot water systems, changing to dual flush toilet suites, installing rain water tanks which are plumbed up to a toilet suite, water saving shower roses and upgrading from electrical appliances to natural gas fuelled fixtures can entitle the property owner to a government rebate, in some circumstances a change to just one appliance such as installing a heat pump from Stiebel Eltron can get a up to $1,200 in rebates.

Please contact us and visit the links below for detailed information on the specific inspection and investigation services we can provide.