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  • Inspections For Gas Leaks

    There is no such thing as a safe gas leak.  At Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting we often get phone calls from our customers asking for assistance with Gas Leak Inspections.  It could be because the gas pipes in the local area are being upgraded and the gas company found a leak in the consumer’s gas mains or our customers gas bill has gone up quite a bit recently or even they may be continually smelling un-burnt gas inside their property or perhaps outside.  Plants and grass that just won’t grow near a gas main is always a good sign that there is a gas escape nearby and a gas inspection is recommended.

    Equipment We Use


    When it comes to a Gas Leak Inspection we use equipment such as Water Manometers, Digital Manometers, Gas Detecting Probes and Gas Detection Liquid to help us identify the source of the gas leak during our inspections.

    Each gas leak is very different and therefore requires a different approach from the last job undertaken.  It is with the many years of working with Natural Gas and LPG both low pressure and high pressure services in South Australia that our licensed Gasfitters can quickly help our customers narrow down the source of the gas leak and then work towards rectifying the problem, then establishing a safe supply of gas again to the premises and providing a Certificate of Compliance which meets the South Australian Gas Code.

    If you need a gas inspection for a suspected gas leak contact us today, we also do new gas installations and can provide you a free estimate.