There is a brand which is synonymous with this and its Raypak. This brand and its large range of water heating equipment are built to deliver extremely large amounts of very hot water in any given short period and continually keep up with the demand placed upon them for hours on end without failure making them the ideal water heater for commercial and large scale industrial applications.

The History Of Raypak

Raypak has been delivering boilers to the plumbing industry for over 50 years. Today Raypak provide commercial and industrial hot water system all over the world direct from there manufacturing plant in Oxnard, California.


Raypak’s current manufacturing plant, which is a massive 253,000 square feet is adequately set up to accept the continual market growth for their product which is expected to continue and with this space they have enough room to keep up delivering for many years to come across the globe.

Raypak Hot Water Models

Across the state of South Australia, you will find Raypak units such as the 430 Internal Modulating Boiler in many locations across Adelaide and some examples of these are: food processing plants, dental surgeries,hotels, hospitals, universities, manufacturing and factories.

These hot water services are typically partnered up with circulating pumps, flow switches and large storage tanks (typically stainless steel). The large amounts of hot water can be used for washing down large floor areas, food preparation, flow and return reticulation and sanitisation to name just a few of the many uses.

Raypak hot water systems can deliver up to 1500 litres of 80-degree water in one hour. This is achieved through using large copper fined heat exchangers which can be a 1 metre square and a high input of gas at 430 mega joules per hour. The gas is delivered in high pressure and regulated down before the appliance to protect the internal workings of the boilers gas components.

Pool Heaters

Pool heating equipment is another field which Raypak provide equipment to in Adelaide. If you have a swimming pool which is heated via a gas fired furnace it won’t (it shouldn’t be via) be via standard house hold continuous flow hot water service it will be via a commercial boiler such as a Raypak system which is tailored to meet the demands placed upon it when it comes to pool heating.

As you know pools have chemicals in them which can be detrimental to normal house hold water heaters heat exchangers, the volume of water which is passed through the heat exchanger is also exceptionally larger so the product needs to be right for the task and that is why you need to be using a product such as the Raypak brand.

When it comes to installing, repairing and servicing of these types of large scale commercial and industrial water heaters it’s not only the skills of a licensed gasfitter which is required but that also of a class A electrician as there are various parts involved with the operation of these boilers which are electronically controlled i.e.: flow switches, circulating pumps and ignition modules.

Supply & Installation

If you own or operate a large industrial premise which has a huge demand for hot water the chances are you will have a Raypak hot water system installed. There are only a handful of gasfitting companies in Adelaide which are competent enough to fault find, repair and install these systems and one of them is the hot water specialists of Adelaide.

Our staff are carefully selected via an extensive screening process to ensure that only the best possible technicians are selected to become part of the team which work with Raypak products across Adelaide. By employing these techniques, it ensures our customers are getting the best possible results each time they engage our company.

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