One of the first companies to introduce the instant water heater to the Adelaide plumbing market, Bosch are still supplying continuous flow systems today. It’s not only continuous flow water heaters which Bosch manufactured. For a while Bosch were also supplying solar/electric systems, but have since closed this arm of their market hold.

bosch hot water systems

Accredited Bosch Agents

Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting are accredited agents who can supply, install and repair all Bosch hot water products across the whole state of South Australia stretching from Prospect to Woodcroft and from Glenelg up to Norwood. The advantage of engaging one of our qualified technicians is that we will do everything in our power to have your hot water service repaired saving you thousands of dollars. Systems such as the Water Wizard 600, Water Wizard 780 and Water Wizard 960 can still be repaired today providing some vital components are still accessible. Other version of the Bosch hot water range such as the 10p, Bosch 13p and Bosch 16p are more of the recent range of the pilot light series and are also repairable providing no corrosion has made itself present.

If you have moved away or upgraded from the pilot light, hydro or battery series of water services then the likely hood is that you will now have a Bosch 17e, 21e or even a 25e/26e instant gas water heater. This range of continuous flow water heaters offer a minimum of 5-star efficiency along with a higher flow rate of hot water through the faucets in the home.

Water Heaters Types

Just recently in early 2017 Bosch introduced the OptiFlow range of water heaters in South Australia. These units are 6-star energy rated and can be paired with your mobile phone or tablet device. The advantage of pairing the system with a mobile device is that you can control the temperature being delivered throughout the entire home. In the event of a fault our service technicians can access all the information required to perform a comprehensive diagnostic of the problem and perform the required tasks to have the system working again.

It doesn’t always have to be natural gas which these unit’s burner fire on to heat the water. In locations such as Hahndorf, Stirling, Bridgewater, Piccadilly, Aldgate, Balhannah and Crafers where access to natural gas is not possible bottled gas is used or commonly known as LPG. The principals are the same just the working pressures of the gas components are set differently to cope with the differences in delivery pressure from the bottle. Most of the bottled gas is distributed out of some of the larger suburbs in the Adelaide Hills such as Mount Barker and transported through towns such as Oakbank, Lobethal and Woodside. As a guide a 45kg bottle of LPG last approximately 3 months for a family who use bottled gas for cooking, heating water and barbequing.

With such a diverse range of hot water services on the market today it’s important to select a plumber who can service and repair your asset on time with minimal fuss.

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