With a strong hand in the delivery of instant or technically known as continuous flow hot water Rinnai have been providing many customers over the years with endless hot water through tankless style of heaters through the Infinity and Builders range of systems. The options for providing domestic systems and commercial equipment has allowed for a diverse approach into the plumbing industry.

Electricity And Water

Two words we don’t often like to hear in the same sentence water and electricity. Better known for their gas fuelled appliances Rinnai has recently had a large marketing campaign in Australia on there not so well-known range of electric powered mains pressure cylinders.

rinnai gas heater on wall

The Hotflo systems are a sleek looking painted in bright white and their cylinders come with multiple benefits:

• 8 varieties in sizing starting at 25 litres through to the 400 litres system
• Single and dual element models available
• Dual handed allowing ease of installations
• 25 litre model can be hard wired or plug into power point
• Up to 10-year warranty available on some models
• Compact design allowing for instalation inside cupboards and benches

The Hotflo operates through the delivery of electricity to the submersible element inside of the tank located at the bottom (single element models). The element is wired to a thermostat which is mounted directly to the cylinder sensing the temperature of the water inside the tank. As the temperature decreases through hot water draw off and replenishment via cold water the element will allow available electricity to the heat the tank until the set temperature on thermostat is achieved.

It All Started Over Seas

Nagoya, Japan is where this brand of technology originated from and today can be found across most parts of the globe. Building a brand which has a strong reputation takes many years of refinement and customer awareness. Through reliable components and a fully backed warranty is how Rinnai are today one of the top three providers of water heating equipment in Adelaide. Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting have a proven track record of delivering quality systems and with the help of brands such as Rinnai is allowing for growing trust in our service to all our clients.

Technological Advances

With an increased awareness for the environment we are increasingly seeking ways in which our actions help to protect the ozone layer and reduce the costs in using items such as hot water services. A pilot light on an older style of water heater is said to use as much as $25 of gas per year just through sitting their idol. Manufacturers such as Rinnai have developed 5 and 6-star energy rated systems which have done away with the use of pilots through advances in their technology such as:

• Improved resistance to corrosion
• Copper heat exchangers
• Power flued systems
• Electronic ignition via external weather proof power point
• Computerised flow control allowing for consistent temperature delivery at both low and high-water flow
• ECT – Enhanced Combustion Technology
• Built in status monitors showing current temperature of water being delivered and OK status monitor
• Compatibility of up to 4 temperature controllers in three different options designed to suit your requirements.
• Smartstart water saving eliminating dead legs and long draw off periods to achieve hot water

If you are looking for a product with a reliable back ground and one which has a good reputation for steady delivery of heated water, then the Rinnai brand is one worth giving some consideration to. Contact us today and see what Rinnai product could suit your circumstances, we also service and repair the entire Rinnai range of water services. You may also be interested in the Thermann range.