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    Have you noticed a damp patch on your wall outside the house or perhaps on the carpet behind the bathroom wall? You could have a broken shower breaching piece in the wall or a ruptured water pipe inside the wall.

    Water Costs


    Did you receive your latest water bill and noticed a huge spike in the recent quarters water usage? The chances are that you may have a water leak underground somewhere in your property.

    Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting have been helping our customers in Adelaide for over 20 years with all types of Water Leak Inspections. Over the years of working with Water Leaks we have developed methods with the latest tools and equipment bought over from the USA to help our customers establish where the Water Leak is coming from and then assisting them with fixing the problem causing minimal disruption to their property and then getting the area back to normal again, whether it be re concreting or gyprocking walls we do it all in house for our customers.

    Domestic or Commercial Water Leak Inspections we can handle it all, it could be a suspected leak coming from a Fire Main or even a leak coming from a Hot Water flow and return system, our plumbers are trained and experienced in all fields of plumbing allowing our customers to get there plumbing issues resolved professionally and in a timely manner.

    Insurance Polices May Cover Water Damage

    Did you know that most home and business insurance policies cover some if not all the investigations and repairs caused through water damage?  Water damage can be mains pressure, storm water, cold water, hot water or even sewer leakage.

    When we look at what type of things might need to be covered, they can be:

    • Initial site visits and inspection
    • Return to site with further investigative equipment (detailed inspections)
    • New pipe work installations
    • Testing of new works
    • Reports both before and after all work has been performed
    • Repairs to walls, ceilings or external finishes such as pavers and concrete
    • Painting, rendering and cladding

    Camera Inspections For Best Results

    water damage from leaking pipesIt’s not unusual to attend a water leak investigation across Adelaide and find that where the water could be presenting at the surface is not necessarily the cause of the problem.  Its during an investigation like this that we may need to open a wall or remove a few bricks to further identify what the issues are.  Once a small penetration has been made, we can either look straight into the cavity or insert cameras which will give us a clear insight to what is occurring while maintaining minimal disruptions to the building.

    Our specialised CCTV Camera equipment and location devices are available in both small and large camera heads.  With this flexibility it allows us to see in the most discreet locations and record all types of images with sound over voice recording.  All investigations can be saved to a USB stick either supplied by us or direct by the customer.  The full colour monitor and self-levelling heads gives a true impression of what is occurring behind your walls and inside your ceilings.

    Experience Matters

    Accurate and professional water leak investigation relies heavily on experience with this comes knowledge (something that cannot be bought and once acquired is priceless – the Mayfair difference).  It’s the ability to attend a site (each time they are different) and be able to stop and think how could of someone else performed this work when first installed?  Its not always thinking how someone might have correctly performed the work but how they may have done it incorrectly eventually leading to a failure.  Many companies will promote they can find a leak, but don’t have the 20 plus years of experience.  Mayfair Plumbing have that experience which allows for accurate leak investigations time and time again with the right result for our clients.

    Our proven track record across Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills has secured us many long term commercial and residential customers including numerous insurance companies along with new clients every week.  Our ability to attend both during normal working hours and after-hours including weekends and evening appointments gives customers the flexibility to access our services whenever the need arises.  If you suspect that there might be water escaping somewhere at your property contact Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting the experts in water leak inspections and investigations.