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    Water is a very precious resource and very expensive, that’s why every drop counts. Did you know that in Australia we use more than 1 million litres of fresh water per person each year? That’s the equivalent of filling 1,000 Olympic pools per capital city in Australia per day, now that’s a lot of water.

    It is with this information that we provide eco-friendly plumbing and gas inspections throughout Adelaide. This is quite a simple service and in most cases an initial consultation can take approximately 1 hour, during this time our licensed plumbers walk through and around your property and take note of the current fittings and fixtures which you have installed. Flow rates and energy ratings of appliances are noted and tested while on site.

    Conservation Of Water


    There are so many things which can be done around the home or office to help assist with the conservation of water. In new homes today builders are supplying owners with 6 star energy rated houses so there is not a lot that we can do to assist with water and gas conservation in these cases, BUT in homes pre the year 2000, the options are endless, with technology in the plumbing and gas fields evolving so quickly you will be amazed just how much water and gas can actually be saved.

    Back in the in the mid 1900’s most toilet cisterns where just single flush and every time that you released the water into the toilet bowl 11 or 12 litres of water would discharge, there was only one option every time a flush was required. Today however we have the dual flush toilet cisterns which offer a 3 litre half flush and a 4.5 litre full flush, so as you can quickly see there is automatically a huge saving in water by just changing over your toilet.

    Hot Water Services have also come along way with time, Hot Water Systems that use to be only 3 star rated are now being produced in 5 and 6 star energy rated models which is double the efficiency from its older version previously in use, another great eco saving.
    These are just the tip of the ice berg as far as what can be done in and around your property to help you save money on your gas and water bills and we all need that extra saving where ever we can grab it. Call Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting today and speak to one of our licensed plumbers about getting an Eco Plumbing Inspection on your property.