Did you know that Australia has some of the highest standards for fire protection services in the world? When you own or manage a property it’s important to ensure that the fire protection materials and equipment in place is up to date and compliant with the Australian Standards. If it is found that at the time of a fire or smoke invasion that the material and systems in place are non-compliant there’s a strong chance your insurance policy will be voided due to neglect.

fire audit services

Auditing of Fires Services For Domestic and Commercial Customers

Items such as fire walls, balustrades, portable extinguishers and hose reels are all susceptible to various changes over the life time of a building due to renovations and potential modifications to neighbouring tenancies or building developments. With the increase of imported materials and equipment from overseas and the tightening of budgets on building projects there are some items which may be getting installed during a projects construction that appear to be up to the current Australian Standards but in the event of an actual fire does not protect properly and fail causing a huge fall on affect.

Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting have a specialised in-house division devoted to auditing buildings on their fire protection systems. Items such as wall wetting sprinklers, fire doors, hydrants, smoke walls, fire barriers, smoke and thermal detectors and booster cabinets all need frequent checking and testing. The material installed needs to be rated to withstand certain temperatures and pressures depending on its position on a building. Take for example a fire rated door, if this is constructed of an inferior material it will not hold back the fire and simply let the fire straight through voiding its purpose. Another example is that of glass, when used for windows or balustrades on balconies it needs to be capable of withstanding high temperatures during a fire so as not to explode and cause damage too human lives.

There are a range of reports that we can tailor to suit your conditions. Reports and tests for minor inspections to full scale building inspections which cover everything from the ground up through to roof top access and coverings. Our advice can subsequently be followed up with recommendations and pricing on what is required to have the modifications and testing performed to have an audit comply with the current regulations in Australia.