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  • Have a plumbing emergency? No problem. Call us today for our fast callout, affordable 24/7 service. Mobile, fast and friendly. 24 7 emergency plumbing work, day or night to get the job done. A highly recommended team 7 day service.

  • General

    Our team of experienced and qualified plumbers in Adelaide can work on any job or problem that arises. We understand the requirements for the unique Adelaide infrastructure. Highly recommended with many 5 star reviews.

  • We provide a quality gasfitting plumber service including cook tops installations, hot water system repairs, leak location, pipe installations, and gas heaters.

  • One of the most frustrating problems households and businesses will find is blocked drains. Our hydrojet system and experienced plumbers will have your drains unblocked in no time.

  • Did you wake up to a cold shower? Adelaide's hot water plumbers can install, service and repair your hot water systems including all the major hot water brands and models.

  • Problems with backflow can be disruptive and unhealthy. Our plumbers provide a backflow testing service to ensure all your services are functioning correctly and efficiently.

  • Not only are we one of Adelaide's number 1 plumbing companies, but we have experienced tradesmen available for home renovations and property maintenance.

  • We are based in Adelaide, and we service a range of suburbs and outer regions. Cal our local plumbers to ask where we service, or visit our locations section.

  • Mayfair Plumbing Adelaide brings exceptional quality and service to Adelaide

    We have over 20 years of experience in the industry as an Adelaide plumber and have developed a reputation for reliability and amazing customer service with out Adelaide plumbers. We are small without being too small which enables us to complete your job on time and to the highest quality, serving as an Adelaide plumber 24 hours a day, call us 7 days a week. Our standards are second to none!

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    • Replacing and repairing existing hot water systems.
    • Best prices on electric systems
    • Ask us how much and what does is cost to replace a gas hot water systems
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    • New hot water system installation, plumbing and gas
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    • plumbing gas fitting experts
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    • general plumbing maintenance
    • gas emergencies & repair
  • Blocked Drain Plumber

    • hydrojet drain cleaning
    • stormwater drain cleaning & repair
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  • We do everything, if it involves water, gas plumber and gas fitters, gas appliances or sewer, leaking taps, gas leak detection, plumbing gas.... WE DO IT ALL, available 24 / 7. Look no further, we can handle everything to do with your project or problem! We are your one stop company for everything plumbing and gas related, call us today for amazing customer service. We have a a Google 5 star review average rating.

    Our company is one of the regions premiere domestic and commercial plumbing companies. Our team is renowned for customer service, superior tradesmanship and unparalleled professionalism. We have over 20 years experience helping the residents and businesses of the city with their needs when they need a professional tradesman.

    Having grown up in the local suburbs of the city, our local plumber understands the specific requirements of it's residents. Our exceptional communication skills, passion to get the job done right first time - cost effectively with honesty and integrity - make them the tradesmen of choice for all your needs.

    A Leading 24/7 service company, Mayfair is a team of licensed experts offering plumbing, gas and hot water solutions in South Australia for over 20 years. With our great range of experience in all aspects of the trades, we can handle everything from blocked drains to heater installation, and everything in between. Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting is also the right choice if you're renovating or building a new home in Adelaide SA.

    A local plumbers will work quickly, efficiently, and can provide perfect results, every time. Whether you're a private home owner or a commercial developer, we have the skills and experience to fast track the services in your property development project. For more information, or to arrange an estimate or talk to us, please contact Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting in Adelaide "Your Local Plumber". Our plumbing services are second to none.

  • Typical Projects We Undertake

    Our fully qualified plumbers in Adelaide work on a range of projects incuding commercial office fit-outs, cafes, schools, universities and extensions of aged care facilities require the knowledge of how to design and install plumbing systems which are compliant to the Australian Standards and National Construction Code. Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting offer an in-house consulting service which enables us to have projects designed and constructed under the one umbrella alleviating the middle man and ensuring a project then moves at faster pace.

    The use of water for fire protection in commercial properties is very common in Adelaide. Fixtures such as Hydrants, Sprinklers, and Hose Reels are all common items you will see being used to help protect a building during the case of a fire. Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting are skilled in all areas of fire protection, including pump repairs and maintenance. We have been involved with some land mark projects across the state including locations where tanked water in the country is used as large mains water is not available. After a project has been handed over, we will then continue with routine maintenance on items such as backflow devices and hydrant testing to ensure these items all continue to work in the case of a fire ever happening.

    With a highly skilled plumber team with years of experience, it also means we have intimate knowledge of the unique nature of Adelaide homes and buildings. For example, our roof plumbing experts understand the roof void areas and older roof plumbing systems in the city and suburbs.

    Energy Efficient Projects


    A moving trend in all areas of building and Adelaide plumbing is the need to become more energy efficient with all aspects of the building and plumbing is no stranger to this. Over the past 10 year particularly our plumbers have seen many things develop in the plumbing and gas industries. Below are a few items which are certainly becoming greener in the plumber industry today:

    • An Adelaide hot water plumbing service today are a minimum of 5-star energy rated with some manufacturers achieving 7-star ratings
    • Toilet systems have come along way with the reduced amount of water being flushed each time with most cisterns using a maximum of 4.5 litres per full flush
    • Tap ware will now have flow restrictors installed in the outlet limiting the volume of water that comes out of the spout ensuring a reduced amount of water being used in a building
    • Rain water tanks and pumps for flushing toilet and watering of vegetation has become a mandatory requirement on all new buildings today and in commercial buildings you will see they have large storage facilities to enable use of rain water for all toilet and urinal flushing services.
    • Solar boosting for hot water plant rooms has been a big improvement for all large-scale plant rooms. With the pre-heating of the water via solar panels on a buildings roof the overall gas consumption can be dramatically reduced a big positive for the environment and the end user who must pay the utility bill.

    Above are 5 of the more common changes the plumbing industry has seen over the past 10 years and I’m certain that there will be more to come.

    Introduction Of Plumbing Technology And Product Styles


    Not only do our fully qualified plumbers in Adelaide have we seen a growing awareness for greener building, but we have seen a big change in styles and finishes of plumbing products. Today there many different colours of tapware and basins being offered matt black has certainly hit the market hard over the past 2 years and HUGE free-standing bath tubs are another big-ticket item which many are opting for if room persists. Boiling and chilled water systems are another luxury item which we are seeing more of in kitchens today and even the added option of sparkling water direct from your kitchen faucet a very nice touch but at a hefty price tag!!

    With the introduction of plastic water piping systems such as Rehau, Auspex, Shark Bite and Profit to name just a few it is vitally important to ensure each service vehicle has the right part of every repair. All our vehicles used in emergency plumbing call outs carry a variety of every brand on the market today to ensure that your plumbing emergency can be fixed right there and then. It has been the introduction of plastic products which enables owners to save costs on not only the product but also the installation times. It is very rare that you will see a buildings water supply installed copper or brass fitting as it is purely to labour intensive and very costly. Even with the introduction of press fittings by manufacturers such as Viega, B Press and Kembla the costs is still higher.

    Contact us and our Adelaide plumbers and talk to our fully qualified local plumbers in Adelaide. Local plumber experts, South Australian owned and operated by a local plumber.


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