Dental surgeries can have very complex and sensitive plumbing systems with majority of the tools used relying upon either water or drainage to be a part of the processes. Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting have been involved in many refurbishments, new builds and the continued programmed maintenance to many surgeries throughout Adelaide. Our clients which operate dental surgeries range from Para Hills, Surrey Downs, Goodwood, Adelaide CBD, Christies Beach, Stirling and Morphet Vale.

plumbing services for dental practices

When working on the drains and pipes majority of the work needs to be performed outside of working hours, either early in the mornings or on weekends. Depending on the size of the dental surgery some will have their own laboratories with things like trade waste silt traps and RO water filtration units which require monthly checks and clean outs.

Hygiene is another important factor to consider for our plumbers while working at these properties. It is vitally important that any mess created is cleaned up to avoid any disruptions to the clinics patients while visiting. All our staff are highly trained to help service our clients to the highest possible standard.

Small & Large Clinics

Regardless of the size most dental clinics will have some form of plant room. The plant room will be home to things such as electric storage hot water services, air compressors, water isolation valves, filtration systems, tundishes, suction machines, cleaners sinks, sterilisation units and backflow prevention devices. All these fixtures play a vital role in the operation of a surgery and are always hidden behind closed doors.

We are one of only a very few plumbing companies who are licensed and certified to work in Dental Surgeries across the entire state of South Australia. With our 20 plus years of experience our staff have become familiar with how most surgeries operate across South Australia and can ensure that the plumbing meets strict regulations and standards.