Alarms Protecting your premises from a fire requires first stage notification or warning systems to be installed according to Australian Standards. It’s not always that we first see a fire before we become aware of its existence. Apartment complexes and hospitals are good examples where a fire could have started in a floor or ward below yet the flames themselves have yet to reach that area or floor/s of the building. We need adequate warning devices in place to save lives and help prevent further damage to properties.

fire alarm

Smoke & Thermal Detector Locations

The use of smoke detectors and thermal sensors are what is used in locations where firstly water may cause severe damage to property if a sprinkler were to ever be activated but also in locations where warning that smoke or heat has been sensed and action needs to be taken because the presence of fire could well be there.

Smoke alarms and thermal detectors cannot just be placed in any location they need to be put in zones that conform with the Australian Standards. These devices require regular testing to ensure they are working correctly and will activate in the case of smoke/heat being presence in that zone. In a commercial and industrial situation, you will find that these items are hard wired back to a fire control panel. This panel is monitored by the metropolitan fire department, so when an alarm is activated the metropolitan fire service will send a unit (fire truck/s) to the address where the alarm has been activated.

Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting are experienced with the requirements of installation and the routine programmed maintenance required to have smoke alarms tested and fire control panels isolated and tested for correct operation of thermal detection devices. We have worked on many iconic projects throughout the state of South Australia and today continue to provide scheduled testing on these locations after hand over and the DLP have lapsed. When the peace of mind that your property is adequately protected during a disaster such as a fire you need a fire protection company in Adelaide who you can trust!