Chromagen have been leaders in the development and delivery of solar hot water systems to the Australian plumbing market now for over 55 years.

Not only do Chromagen supply the Australian hot water market with various types of water heaters they now supply over 35 countries around the globe and are recognised for their high quality, reliability and durability.

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chromagen solar hot water


Our hot water plumbers have been performing new solar installations, servicing and repairs to Chromagen systems throughout Adelaide for 20 chromagen solar pre heat plus years.

We have been involved with hundreds of domestic installations and a large range of commercial high demand set ups both in the centre of Adelaide city (apartments, sporting complexes and hotels) and in more remote locations of South Australia such as Kangaroo Island, Murray Bridge, Mount Barker, Roxby Downs, Port Lincoln, Wallaroo, Victor Harbour, Barossa Valley, Renmark and Mount Gambier.

Our experience however is not limited to South Australia, our knowledge has been gained through working with water heating plants across the globe.

Locations such as the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, India and China our plumbers have gained experience which many plumbers will never have and it has allowed us to put this knowledge into practise when dealing with commercial and industrial Chromagen installations.


Our emergency hot water response team is on call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We understand that when you operate a property with high demand for large volumes of hot water the hours of operation are not limited to Monday and Friday.

Our specialists team can arrange for onsite repairs and replacements the same day and our logistics department can arrange to have various components shipped over night from anywhere around the state to get your Chromagen system up and running to full capacity again with very minimal down time.

Chromagen Solar

Chromagen water heating systems can be commonly found to be partnered up with solar pre-heating water panels. The panels are often roof mounted and water is circulated through these absorbing the heat from the sun allowing the water temperature to increase.

solar hot water by Chromagen

Once this water is pre-heated it is passed through Eternity gas fired heat exchangers and stored in large cylinders allowing for high out puts of hot water in peak periods. The benefits of using the Chromagen Sumo method of heating water is that energy bills a greatly decreased due to the benefits of using the heat from the sun as a pre-heater.

Other methods that Chromagen provide for heating water is that of the manifolded Eternity gas water heaters only providing instant hot water on demand. The number of Eternity gas instant water heaters partnered together can vary depending on the demand required upon it from the complex.

Apartment blocks with 5 or 6 units in the complex may only require the use of 3 Eternity heaters, where as larger complexes with a higher output during peak periods will require a larger number of the Eternity continuous flow units manifolded together to provide the hot water demanded.

If your hot water plant room needs upgrades, programmed maintenance or your solar hot water system on your roof at home needs attention call the specialist in Adelaide with years of experience successfully delivering projects on time and under budget.

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