A Sump pump is used to transfer liquid accumulated below the surface of its end destination. Sump pumps sit inside of a chamber or holding tank and their sizes and capacities vary depending on their demand. There are two types of sump pumps and they are: pedestal and submersible.

The pedestal type of sump pump is made so that the motor used to drive the pump is located above the pump itself which makes maintenance on the motor far easier. The submersible sump pump is all located in the one spot (pump and motor) all located at low level submerged in liquid, the electrical components which control these pumps all need to specially sealed to avoid faults as they are constantly submerged in liquid.

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When it comes to choice over which type of submersible pump is better there are pros and cons for each. Pedestal sump pumps usually last longer as they are not as exposed to the liquids directly like the submersible pump but are most susceptible to clogging up. The submersible sump pump however is more expensive and doesn’t have a long life span in comparison but they are better equipped to deal with blockages.

Sump Pump Uses

Where would you expect to find a sump pump and what use would it be performing?

A sump pump can be found areas of Adelaide such as Walkerville where they have a very large underground aquifer running directly below many of the homes especially through Dutton Terrace. The submersible style of sump pump is typically installed throughout this area and is housed inside of a deep wet well and used to protect the below ground floor rooms (basements and cellars) from flooding.

Ag drains are installed around the perimeters of these rooms and the water is diverted towards the sump housing the submersible pump, this water is then pumped to the street sewers as the high salt content makes it useless for anything but waste.

You will not find anywhere near as many pedestal sump pumps installed compared to submersible sump pumps as generally the power delivered from the pedestal sump pump is not as high so majority of owners will stick with submersible pumps even though the life may be a little shorter lived the power and reliability of getting rid of a huge deluge of water during a big storm is there.

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