Trash pumps are designed to deal with waste water. There are three types of trash pumps: Semi Trash Pump, Diaphragm and Trash. The waste water which these pumps receive is most likely to contain some form of particles or debris at a high concentration inside of it and the pumps needs to be designed to allow these particles to move through it without blocking.

A Trash pump is designed to take the larger materials some as large as 3 inches or 76mm, the semi trash pump will handle smaller items and the diaphragm will only handle abrasive sludge liquids. A trash pump will require more frequent maintenance and monitoring as it is more susceptible to problems due to the nature of its use. Majority of these pumps will be fitted with a filtration screen to monitor the size of particles going into the pump to avoid failure and a fault alarm whether it be visual or audible or a combination of both will be installed. See also our page on cutting and grinding pumps.

trash pump being repaired

Uses Of Trash Pumps

What are some of the more specific uses for a trash pump and where would you find them?

You will find a variety of portable trash pumps and depending on the size of the pump they can be skid mounted or trailer mounted and even mounted in a roll cage for small portable units. Remote mine sites where a large volume of contaminated water is needed to be transferred in huge volumes a rapid speed is a good example other places you may find trash pumps is for sewer station where sewerage from housing estates is being transferred from one location to another and the liquid is very sludgy and can contain large particles.

A large scale trash pumps is capable of moving thousands of litres per minute so they are well suited for purpose of dewatering locations that have recently had a deluge of water or for the purpose of moving bulk waste at a rapid speed.

Depending on the end use required for the trash pump they can be powered by electricity (single or three phase), petrol or diesel and depending on how big the pump is this will also determine the size of the motors used.

In order to maintain the optimal running of a trash pump we recommend frequent servicing especially when being transported to remote locations an over haul is always recommended prior to dispatch.

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