With a broad market share across the hot water market in South Australia, Rheem have a wide range of products on offer to cater for all occasions when it comes to delivering reliable hot water. There are 2 main sources for hot water in Australia and Rheem covers all of them in their range of products.

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Rheem Products

Gas fired units: There are numerous combinations which Rheem have developed to enable the use of natural gas and lpg to produce hot water around Adelaide.

  • One which many people will be familiar with is the “Instantaneous” system or more correctly referred to as continuous flow systems. These units are called the Rheem Metro and sit on the wall and are very compact in size. They deliver hot water on demand and come in three common sizes 16 litres per minute, 20 litres per minute and 26 litres per minute. These units can also be accompanied by a temperature control pad which enables the temperature being delivered to the shower or kitchen sink to be dialled up to a specific temperature i.e. 45 degrees Celsius.
  • Another popular form of gas hot water is the Rheem Stellar 330 and Rheem Stellar 360 high efficiency storage gas water heaters. This range of storage water heaters are rated over 5 stars for energy efficiency and although they can deliver 330/360 litres of water within the first hour they only store 130/160 litres of water at any given time. The ability of these boilers to recover in such a short period makes them a stand out in the range of gas storage water heaters today.
  • Commercial hot water systems are another area of focus which Rheem supply high capacity output furnaces for large organisations such as Hotels, Apartments, Shopping Centres, Universities, Manufacturing Plants, Hospitals, Swimming Pools, Food Preparation Facilities and Aged Care facilities to name a few examples. The banner which Rheem produce these products is under the Raypak name. These water heaters work on a similar process to the continuous flow water heaters, except on a far larger scale. Raypak heat exchangers can deliver hundreds of litres of high temperature continually for hours. These systems are specifically tailored for situations where high demand is placed on the hot water delivery to a premise and for long periods of time. Due to the huge output of high temperature water the gas supply either needs to be delivered via large diameter pipe with high flow or a small diameter pipe but with extremely high pressure.

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Electric Hot Water Systems

Hot water powered by electricity:

  • Storage electric water heaters, Rheem is a name you will hear a lot in the plumbing industry. Coming in various sizes the most common for households would be the 250L single element electric storage water heater. These systems come with a 10-year factory warranty and are popular amongst home owners with a family. In a commercial instance where gas is not available and the demand is not huge i.e. café, clothes shop, McDonalds restaurants or office buildings the 50L model is common. The 50L model can be equipped with both single and triple elements. If the location where the hot water tank is to be installed is tight for space but the demand placed upon this may be high a triple element 3 phase unit will be used.
  • Solar with electric back up heating element. Typically, two solar panels will be mounted on the roof with either a tank closely joined (HiLine) or the tank remotely mounted at ground level (LoLine). In South Australia, we are very fortunate to access to good solar contribution for nearly 9 months of a calendar year enabling people whom have a system with solar panels to get great solar gain on the water heaters cancelling out the need for electrical top up of the heat inside the tank.
  • Boiling water on demand. Rheem produce a range of above bench mounted systems which can make boiling water for tea and coffee facilities in lunch rooms and offices. The Lazer range of boiling water systems are powered by electricity and start off at 3 litre capacities up to 40 litres (commercial range). The basic range of these systems requires manual operation for on and off periods whereas the more deluxe range are programmable to offer a more economical solution for boiling water on demand.
  • Heat Pump technology, by using a refrigeration system and electrical back up heat pump technology has been developed and has now been in Australia for over 10 years. As a leader in the in the hot water market Rheem produce two different styles of the heat pump. For more compact situations the HDi-310 (refrigeration unit top mounted) and for situations where space is not a problem you will find the MPi-325 and MPi-410 heat pump. As previously discussed for owners who do not have access to gas but are still looking an economical way to heat water the heat pump can be a great solution. Since the introduction of this technology to Adelaide the government has been offering rebates in the form of RECs to people who install a heat pump rather than a conventional straight electric water heater. By taking advantage of this rebate, it can save home owners up to $1,000 on the overall installation.

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