AquaMAX hot water systems is a leader in the industry, offering exceptional product specialisation and innovative features that ensure peak performance. Known for its strong partnerships with reputable companies like Rheem, they have revolutionised the hot water systems market through advanced technology, progressive development, and reliable customer service that guarantee customer satisfaction.

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This in-depth review will explore all the advantages of an AquaMAX hot water system, from the production process to product variety and energy efficiency, ensuring the reader is well informed about the pros and cons of these systems.

Short Summary

  • AquaMax Hot Water Systems is based in Melbourne, Australia and has been providing reliable hot water solutions for over 20 years.

  • AquaMax offers an innovative range of gas powered hot water systems with a 5-star energy rating and renewable energy sources.

  • AquaMax hot water systems offer advantages such as 5-star energy ratings, superior energy efficiency, and 12-year cylinder warranty.


AquaMax is an Australian-owned company specializing in the production of hot water systems. They offer a range of hot water systems, including electric, gas and solar options. AquaMax offers electric hot water systems in both Stainless Steel and Vitreous Enamel varieties, with the former offering the benefit of not needing anode inspections or replacements and delivering purer water. When selecting an electric hot water system, it is essential to be mindful of the fact that it can account for up to 30% of a household’s electricity bill, making it a crucial consideration. AquaMax provides a 5-star energy rating and a 10-year warranty on their hot water systems. These factors contribute to users being able to manage and enjoy reliable hot water that meets their various user preferences.

The Aquamax hot water system is designed with a standard footprint, which is compact and easy to install. It also includes features to protect the system from corrosion and scale build-up. The system’s protective features and common footprint are a major benefit for users who want an efficient and easy to maintain hot water system. The Aquamax hot water system is the perfect choice for those looking for a reliable hot water system that can meet their needs.

This in depth review of AquaMax hot water systems will provide an overview of the system and its features, to help users make an informed decision.


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AquaMax Hot Water Systems is located in Melbourne, Australia. It is proud to have a team of more than 100 Australians working diligently to produce reliable hot water systems for households and businesses alike. The factory has been providing hot water solutions for over 20 years and has become a go-to option for customers who are looking for hot water systems designed for Australian conditions.

The location of AquaMax plays a crucial role in the production of their hot water systems. Melbourne’s high water quality and plumbing configuration make it easier for the factory to produce hot water systems with features that contribute to their high efficiency and safety. The hot water systems produced by AquaMax are designed to meet the needs of Australia’s diverse climate and the system’s safety features and temperature range can be customised to suit different fitting locations.

Furthermore, their electric elements are designed to heat water quickly and their gas hot water systems come with smart features that allow customers to save on energy costs.

Manufacturing Process

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AquaMax employs a dedicated research team to develop and produce reliable hot water systems in-house, emphasizing innovation and efficiency. The hot water systems are constructed from a stainless steel cylinder, with a durable ultranamel coating, and are designed to operate within a wide temperature range.

The stainless steel chambers are designed to provide reliable and efficient hot water production. AquaMax’s approach to manufacturing, which involves designing almost all components internally with the help of its own research team, allows them to prioritize innovation and efficiency.

This approach allows them to develop their own unique hot water systems, creating a more efficient and cost-effective product. By focusing on the research and development of their own products, AquaMax is able to remain at the forefront of the industry, providing customers with the latest technology and products.

Industry Leadership

AquaMax Hot Water Systems’ industry leadership signifies their position as a premier provider of storage hot water solutions. Industry experts have noted that AquaMax is setting the benchmark for electric hot water systems.

AquaMax’s stainless steel hot water systems offer superior energy efficiency compared to those of their competitors. This makes them an ideal choice for those looking to reduce their energy consumption.

AquaMax has been a leader in the storage hot water industry since its inception in 1988, offering electric and stainless steel hot water systems that are more efficient than those of its competitors. In addition to their energy efficiency, AquaMax has a long standing reputation of being an Australian company, being the first Australian company to provide reliable supply of hot water systems to its customers.

With its innovative products, partnerships and specialisations, AquaMax has proven to be a reliable source for hot water system solutions.


AquaMax’s gas powered range of hot water systems boast a 5-star energy rating, making it one of the most cost effective solutions on the market. The 5-star rating is achieved by the utilization of a stainless steel cylinder, which helps to retain heat and reduce energy consumption, while still providing a constant supply of hot water. This innovative feature ensures that users can enjoy an effortless replacement of their existing hot water system with minimal disruption.

AquaMax have also invested in renewable energy sources, such as solar and heat pumps, allowing users to reduce their energy consumption and hot water usage. Furthermore, their hot water systems come with an enhanced sacrificial anode for added user safety, as well as smart meters for monitoring hot water consumption, ensuring the water’s integrity.

This commitment to innovation is what makes AquaMax the ideal choice for both residential and small business users.


AquaMax and Rheem have established a strategic partnership to increase the reach and awareness of their hot water systems. This collaboration has been vital in increasing the distribution of AquaMax’s hot water systems as well as its overall visibility. Furthermore, the partnership has enabled AquaMax to benefit from Rheem’s decades of industry experience and knowledge of the sector, ensuring that their products are of the highest quality.

The partnership has also allowed AquaMax to leverage Rheem’s existing network of service agents and dual handed fittings, providing customers with access to reliable and efficient service and installation. Additionally, AquaMax has been able to expand its own small business operations, as well as its solar power installations.

As a result, the partnership has enabled AquaMax to become a leader in the industry, offering customers the best hot water systems available.

Product Specialisation

AquaMax is an industry leader in electric and gas tank storage systems and its product specialisation has enabled the company to offer a highly efficient, 5-star energy-rated system with a comprehensive 10-year warranty. AquaMax’s product specialisation has allowed the company to become the first Australian company to introduce a 5-Star energy-rated system with a 10-year warranty.

AquaMax’s product specialisation has enabled the company to provide competitive pricing on electricity tariffs, discount codes calculated for small businesses, and various electricity tariffs. This has enabled AquaMax to provide customers with a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that is tailored to their needs.

Furthermore, AquaMax’s product specialisation provides customers with the assurance that they are receiving a quality product that is designed to meet their specific requirements.

Pros and Cons

AquaMax hot water systems are known for their dependability and efficiency, however, they are not as widely recognized as other brands and offer a limited selection of products. Despite this, AquaMax hot water systems provide a range of advantages that make them a great choice when considering a hot water system.

AquaMax hot water systems boast a range of advantages, such as achieving a minimum of 5-star energy ratings, having a stainless steel cylinder that can be converted into a solar-boosted gas powered unit, and providing superior energy efficiency. Additionally, they come with a 12-year cylinder warranty and are renowned for their effectiveness, reliability, cost-effectiveness, after-sales service, low noise level, and user-friendliness.

The drawbacks of AquaMax hot water systems include the fact that they offer fewer product choices than other brands and lack widespread recognition. Additionally, the straightforward installation requirements can save money in the short term, but the features offered may not contribute to long-term cost-effectiveness. It is important to conduct a cost analysis of the critical factors such as system’s capacity options, time of use tariffs, operational costs, and frequent maintenance costs to determine if an AquaMax hot water system is the right fit for your needs. Furthermore, it is important to consider the system’s compatibility and energy expenses when conducting an in-depth review of the system’s suitability.


AquaMax Hot Water Systems provide a reliable, energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for households looking to refresh their hot water system without compromising on quality or warranty. Their innovative processes and products, which are designed to suit different fitting locations, are one of the reasons why they have established themselves as an industry leader over the past 20 years. AquaMax offers customers a 5-star energy rating with their gas powered hot water systems and a 10-year cylinder warranty to ensure that their needs are fulfilled.

With efficient product specialisation, tailored solutions and a network of strategic partnerships with Rheem, AquaMax is well placed to serve both local and international markets. The company is committed to providing customers with superior solutions for their hot water needs and has numerous positives that make it a great option for anyone looking for an upgrade to their existing hot water system. From the highly efficient 5-star energy rating to the 12-year warranty, AquaMax is well worthy of consideration when researching ways to update your hot water system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AquaMAX owned by Rheem?

Yes, AquaMAX is owned by Rheem Australia Pty Ltd. The company acquired the brand in 2009 and has since used its market leader status to expand the reach of the AquaMAX Water Heater brand.

This has allowed AquaMAX to become a household name in Australia, with its products now available in all major retailers and plumbing outlets.

Who makes AquaMAX hot water?

AquaMAX Hot Water is made by Rheem Australia. As Australia’s market leader in hot water solutions, Rheem provides reliable performance for thousands of people across the nation.

Their premium range of AquaMAX hot water systems and accessories are designed to meet a wide range of hot water needs.

Where are AquaMAX hot water systems made?

AquaMAX proudly manufactures their hot water systems in Australia, specifically at their manufacturing facility located in Moorabbin, Victoria. They remain committed to providing efficient and dependable products for customers through onshore production.

Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in their products, which are designed to last for years and provide reliable hot water. They also offer a range of warranties and after-sales services to ensure that all their customers are satisfied.