Mayfair Plumbing are known for our monopoly over the Plumbing and Gasfitting market in this inner northern suburb of Adelaide.  These majestic mansions and other beautiful homes have a huge amount of history and are set on some of South Australia’s most significant beautifully maintained and landscaped gardens.  The combination of these homes and gardens completes the entire portrait for some of Adelaide’s well renowned homes.

Medindie home

The Suburb Of Medindie

 Bordered by Robe Terrace to the South (closest to Adelaide’s CBD), Northcote Terrace to the East, Nottage Terrace to the North and Main North Road to the North West allows for easy access into these homes for our plumbers no matter what direction they might be heading in from across the city.

Why is Mayfair the preferred choice of plumber?

First:  The name is a great starting point.  Mayfair is regarded as high end and its what the business has been built upon, high end service with a non-negotiation policy for anything but high-end delivery to every client we ever help.

Second:  Our ability to provide every service relating to the plumbing market.  It could be a blocked pipe, a broken water main, leaking gas service, dripping tap, water leak investigation, insurance work, hydro jetting or no hot water we cover every single possible plumbing and gas situation under the one umbrella.

Third:  Probably the most important in a time of need is our all hour’s emergency plumber on call 24 hours and every day of the week.  We know through 20 plus years of experience in the plumbing industry and working in Medindie that when a plumbing emergency arises it needs fixing fast.  Our service of providing plumbers within the hour if not quicker has allowed us to build this solid reputation once again cementing the fact why we have the Monopoly over the plumbing market in Adelaide.

Understanding The Layout Of These Properties

 Under the town of Walkerville, Medindie has a median house price of $1,657,000 and regularly ranks amongst South Australia’s highest median highest house prices.  Understanding the layout of these long drains and the huge water mains is a skill that can only be acquired from experience.  Due to the age of many of these homes it is unlikely that there will be any recorded plans so experience is king when assisting with anything plumbing or gas related.

More than half of the homes in Medindie have multiple bathrooms and some also upstairs (2 Storey) which means more plumbing and more things can go wrong.  With multiple bathrooms we find at least 2 hot water services installed and these are typically continuous flow gas power flue style.  Maintenance to ensure these items all perform when needed is crucial and often through being proactive and not so much reactive will be a huge help in avoiding any type of plumbing emergency. 

Equipment such as CCTV Camera’s and Carbon Monoxide testing allow us to identify any potential hazards and put a plan in place to assist in avoiding a disaster.  If you need a professional, reliable and competitively priced plumbing company think Mayfair, it’s a trusted household name in Adelaide for over 20 plus years, let our experience be beneficial to your experience with us.