Locating and tracing the actual directions and the depth of services below ground can be very challenging especially when there are no as constructed drawings and no visible inspection openings raised to the surface showing a change in direction or perhaps an access hatch for the cleaning of pipes in the future.

pipe locator


Mayfair Plumbing have developed various techniques using equipment brought in from overseas to provide unique processes allowing us to perform tasks such as:

  • Identifying conduit directions inside of concrete slabs
  • Telstra and data cable location below ground and inside of walls
  • Water main identification below surfaces
  • Gas infrastructure location
  • Burst water pipes buried below 1 metre of earth
  • The direction in which storm water systems have been installed and where they terminate
  • Mapping of council and government telecommunications and other service pipe below ground level
  • Identification of any services (electricity, communications, gas, sewer and water) below ground level prior to any excavations works taking place
  • The age and current condition of water main infrastructure
  • Confined space entry using our camera’s to identify issues in places humans cannot access

Depending of the nature of the investigation taking place we can insert one of our many drain cameras inside of the service line and use the sonde inside of the cameras head to identify the exact location of where a particular point of interest is located. There are many variables available to our customers when it comes to camera inspections and service locating when you have the best inspection equipment in Adelaide.

During our investigation process we can map out the directions, types of services and depths of the items found below ground on the surface above ground and also provide a report showing what was identified during the entire process from start to finish. There are circumstances where you will find that new pipes or cables need to be installed after a building has been in place for many years with infrastructure such as optic fibre and fire mains below ground that if disturbed the outcome would be diabolical so the investment in a scan or camera inspection is well worth the initial out lay.

Mayfair Plumbing only employ licensed and trained technicians who can provide prompt and professional services when it comes to identifying your services below the ground or inside of a wall. Our company is insured and certified to provide the right staff in remote locations and offer an out of hours’ service where access is a problem during normal 9 to 5 appointment slots. We would like to start discussing the opportunity to partner up with your company on their next project today.