Investigating broken sewer pipes and storm water drains is easy when you have the right equipment.  When you own a property it’s inevitable that one day you will get a blocked drain of some description, but it’s the frequency of this that should be of most concern.

inspecting a sewer with a camera

In houses around Adelaide which are 30 plus years old to have your drain cleaned every 8 to 12 months is not unusual, but having a blocked drain every few months is not normal.  It’s not only blocked drain lines that may cause the need for a Camera Inspections, it could be the smell of sewer gas from a broken sewer line or the sinking of ground due to wet soil where sewer has leached through from a broken sewer pipe which can also call for a Camera Inspection.  In suburbs throughout Adelaide where the soil is highly reactive it can put great pressure on the drains buried under ground over time causing fractures and cracking of the pipes which can be the cause of various problems around your property, things like movement in foundations and rising moisture can all be problems relating back to this and may need a Camera Inspection to identify the source of the problem.

Greater Access

At Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting we offer internal drain Camera Inspections and Investigations, this allows us to access your sewer or storm water drains remotely without having to dig up the drain and inspect what is causing your plumbing problem.  We can access any size drain whether it be a 50mm drain line or even a 300mm drain line and investigate the condition of the drain.  While the Camera Inspection is taking place we record the whole Inspection on a USB stick and present the drain inspection with our recommendations in a full detailed report to you for your considerations.  Our plumbers  work with various councils in Adelaide, Insurance Companies and Direct to the public.