If you live in Adelaide, then the chances are you have had high water pressure or perhaps still do? It is a fortunate thing for many homeowners and businesses to have access to good water pressure, but only delivered to certain fixtures. If you live in Darwin, then it’s the opposite because they have low water pressure, and it is an issue for many plumbing products as they cannot operate very well on low pressure.


adjusting your water pressure


Sticking To The Rules

Today it is mandatory with all new residential buildings to have a 500kpa pressure limiter installed at the boundary with its own isolation valve. You will also find that majority of manufacturers who make plumbing products such as tapware with ceramic disc cartridges and sensitive operating parts inside a water filtration systems and toilet cisterns will state that a warranty is void d if water pressures exceed 500kpa. Majority of gas continuous flow hot water services will be restricted to a maximum of 800kpa of inlet water pressure.

How Some Homeowners Believe They Can Reduce Water Pressure Themselves?

If we attend a customer’s home who has high water pressure and they have attempted to reduce it themselves, they will often explain to us that they just have the water meter turned on a little of the way and this reduces the water pressure. This is false and all they are doing is just reducing the volume and flow into the property. Water pressure is the same no matter how much you have the water meter inlet tap turned on. The only thing which has been reduced through only having the tap turned a small amount is the volume and flow water coming into your property now.

How To Correctly Reduce The Water Pressure To A Property

The correct way in which water pressure can be reduced is to have a pressure limiting device installed into the incoming water feed to the property after the water meter.

Majority of Adelaide’s water supply lines are 20mm in diameter and after the water meter it will majority of the time be the same size, with the few exceptions having 18mm copper tube. Some homeowners like the idea of still have a garden tap on high water pressure and the pressure limiting device installed after this, which is perfectly fine we will do what suits you.

Will I Still Have Ok Pressure After A Pressure Limiter Has Been Installed?

When we start discussing the installation of a pressure limiting device majority of people worry that they will have very little water pressure after one of these devices has been installed.

This is not the case, a pressure limiter which delivers 500kpa will still deliver adequate pressure throughout the home and the only adjustment might be getting use to the slight drop in pressure from extremely high pressure of around 1,000kpa to now a normal acceptable supply pressure of 500kpa.

If you are considering the reduction of water pressure to your home or business call Mayfair Plumbing today on 0429361819.

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