The Bosch Water Wizard Hot Water Services are being phased out of existence as majority of these units are 15 years old plus and have since been replaced with a new model.  The Bosch P models which the P stands for “pilot light” are also gradually being phased out of the plumbing market in Adelaide as they are no longer considered energy efficient and are being up graded to newer 5 star rated Hot Water System.  

BUT if you do still own one of these models and it is not leaking water BUT you have no hot water then in most cases there is a relatively easy fix compared to that of installing a new hot water service.

Hot Water Fluctuating

Its not un common for me to get a phone call from one of my customers saying that the hot water is fluctuating and in some cases there is just no hot water at all, they have been out to there Bosch 16p hot water system or Bosch Water Wizard or Bosch 10p and the pilot light is still lit except there is no burner flame when the hot tap is turned on.  

This is a symptom commonly displayed when the diaphragm inside the water section of the hot water service has split.  The diaphragm allows the gas valve to release gas into the burner chamber and start to heat up the water, if this diaphragm is damaged in any way it will not perform its task properly leading to a “NO HOT WATER” scenario, that’s when our customers call the the HOT WATER WIZARDS of ADELAIDE

bosch disphragm

If you do have a relatively old Bosch Hot Water Service and are looking for some help please feel free to find us on the internet via GOOGLE at

So how long does a task such as replacing the water section of a Bosch Hot Water Service usually take?  Each scenario is different, but in most cases 1 hour is the total time as we carry the “water section repair kits” in our vans to fix these hot water systems on the spot guaranteeing same day hot water repairs Adelaide.  As long as the 2 star head screws which release the actual water section are not corroded and in good condition which can be hit and miss especially with a unit that is over 10 years old removing the water section is pretty easy for a licensed master plumber and gas fitter.

Its not just the diaphragm which we replace when putting a water section repair kit through a hot water unit, there are numerous o rings, fibre washers and other various parts such as filters which also contribute to making the gas burner fire correctly again allowing a strong roosters tail looking flame to heat your water.

This is the most common fault with the Water Wizard, 13P and 16P Hot Water Systems that we find as the Hot Water Wizards of Adelaide apart from the heat ex changer leaking and if the heat ex changer has started to leak it really is time to start considering a new hot water system installation.

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Aaron Stewart

Aaron Stewart is the found and owner operated of Mayfair Plumbing & Gasfitting based in Adelaide, South Australia.

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