Bang there blows your hot water tank, drip drip your taps and toilets just won’t shut off, gurgle gurgle your sewer traps are blocked and slow to drain away sounds like you need a “Plumber Torrens Park” and FAST, well you’ve just searched the best plumber on google.  Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting are based just off of Belair Road in Hawthorn, that’s right only minutes away from you in Torrens Park hence when you need an Emergency Plumber Torrens Park we always fix your plumbing quick smart 24/7 for any type of Emergency Plumbing in Torrens Park, most of the time we could walk to your house if only our hydro jet drain cleaner wasn’t so heavy.  Same day Hot Water Repairs and Replacements are another area in which we specialise, we know what it’s like to have no Hot Water and that’s why we offer this amazing service to our customers in the Torrens Park area.

plumbing in torrens park

Torrens Park a suburb located in Adelaide, South Australia it borders the nearby suburbs of Hawthorn, Kingswood and Mitcham.  Mitcham is also the council in which Torrens Park is housed under.  The post code for the residents which live in Torrens Park is 5062 which just so happens to be the same post code which we are also under at Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting, all this points to the reason why we can get to you for any type of plumbing and gas related job in only minutes, that’s great service right??

The Torrens Arms Hotel or to the locals the Ta always provides its patrons with a great meal and a cool beverage on a warm summers night.  With the suburb of Torrens Parks current population at 2,500 people the Mitcham Shopping Centre/Mitcham Square located smack bang in between Belair Road, Princes Road and Newark Roads provides its shoppers with all the modern amenities you would expect from a complex in Torrens Park with items such as water conserving toilets which only allow a maximum of 4.5 litres per flush to enter the drain, water less urinals and 6 star rated mixer taps over the hand basins these items all help to preserve the environment by minimising the amount of water this shopping centre pours down the sewer drain lines.  Other forms of infrastructure which help this complex in Torrens Park operate eco-friendly in the way of plumbing is the natural gas which is used for heating of hot water through the boilers which many of the various different cafes and shops use day in and day out.  Majority of these boilers are not your standard home style of Hot Water Heater they are a commercial grade unit perhaps something like a Rinnai 32, which can deliver a massive 32 litres per minute of hot water, that’s what majority of your cafes and restaurants would be using.  Our Torrens Park Plumber are only ever a phone call away and can be even caught having a bite to eat at the Michelle’s Patisserie located inside the Mitcham Shopping Centre from time to time.

I would probably have to summarise the sewer drains in Torrens Park as some of the longest and hard to get too out of most of the suburbs in Adelaide we work in.  Through my personal experiences as a Plumber Torrens Park in un blocking sewer drains with the Hydro Jetter I have found that the average drain length is at least 40 metres and still constructed of the old clay pipes with branches leading into the houses either Steel or Brass/Copper.  The major benefit of unblocking drains in Torrens Park as a Plumber with the High Pressure Jetter is that we can reach any blockage from just the one location up to 60 metres away meaning that if your property does have limited access to the sewer drain we can always get your flow back again using the hydro jet drain cleaning machine.

Majority of residents already are familiar with the MAYFAIR brand probably because we are always around the area whether we are plumbing in Torrens Park or Grocery Shopping or maybe getting a spot of bill paying done at the local post office we are very much a house hold name.  I can personally reference 3 customers who all use us and they are all good friends, quite often I will be at one of their properties performing a gas or plumbing task and the other customer is over, that’s how many people in Torrens Park we service, it feels like we are the only plumbing company in Torrens Park, well not the only plumbing company in Torrens Park but the BEST PLUMBER TORRENS PARK!!

Next time you’re looking for a Torrens Park Plumber trust who your neighbours and their neighbours have been using now for countless years Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting.