With a formal government established back in 1836 the suburb of Prospect has come along way and so has its plumbing infrastructure.

It was nearly another 70 years from the time that a formal government was established that Sewerage by Plumbers Prospect and Electrical lights were installed.  It was then another 26 years later in 1926 that heavy rains caused the western side of prospect to heavily flood leading to a huge storm water drainage infrastructure upgrade to help better cope with future storms.

plumbing services in Prospect

There are a few land mark watering holes around prospect which have been in operation since the 1840’s to early 1850’s such as the Windmill Hotel located on Main North Road opposite Scotty’s Hotel and the Reepham Hotel formerly known as the Irish Harp Inn.  Considering the age of these pubs it’s not unusual to get an emergency plumber prospect call out at the wee hours of the morning.  Probably the most common call to these locations is blocked drain prospect, and that would be due to the age of the sewer and trade waste drain pipes and a little bit of miss use by some rowdy patrons occasionally.  Another common emergency call we get is for burst water mains and this occurs through ground movement and sometimes the odd shovel or pick through the water pipes when gardening.

The Population

With over 20,000 people currently calling the suburb of prospect home it’s no wonder that the formula of Ageing Infrastructure + Increasing Population with a disposable income = Lots of work for a Plumber to do.  That’s where we step in, providing that specialised touch at Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting when our plumber works for you.  

The average age of our customers is approx. 36 years young and they are mostly knowledge workers with an education they are keen to get into the property market and make improvements to their house.  Probably one of the biggest investments people will make when we are talking renovations is the wet areas: Bathroom, Kitchen and Laundry, they are usually the most expensive to do up and always give the property that wow factor!  Our of trades people from Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting can do the whole job for you from start to finish demolition, plumbing, electrical, gyprocking, tiling, painting and even cleaning, yes we don’t just provide you with plumbers prospect but we actually do the whole renovation for you, that’s amazing service!!!

The Suburb

Defining the suburb of Prospect can sometimes be a little tricky as there are many nearby locations bordering it such as Nailsworth, Devon Park and Brompton BUT it was back in 1838/39 that the first grants of land were given for Fitzroy, Medindie Gardens and Prospect.  The land around this location was used originally for dairy farms, timber milling, lime kilns and it’s with this rich agricultural history that today the people who live here enjoy the many benefits of this.  Gardens and Veggie patches thrive on these rich soils and with the right Backflow Prevention Devices installed by a licensed plumber prospect our precious drinking water is always protected.

When you are looking for a Plumber Prospect it’s good to know that supply stores such as Tradelink Plumbing Supplies located on Main North Road, Nailsworth and Northern’s Plumbing Suppliers on Churchill Road Prospect are always a great choice for every day plumbing and gas bits and pieces or even your final fix items when it comes to giving your bathroom, kitchen or laundry and a face lift.