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    how to not waste water in Adelaide

    With the increasing costs of utility bills, it’s important to ensure that you are not wasting any water which can be contributing to the high costs of your water bills.

    Cause Of Wasted Water 


    Simple things such as a dripping tap and a leaking toilet can go undetected but can be costing you hundreds of dollars a year in excess water costs.  A leaking toilet can be very hard to detect because the water running into the bowl is clear and usually not very fast.  If you hear the toilet refilling itself during the night the chances are the water is escaping into the toilet bowl due to a water leak.

    When a hose or watering system is connected directly to a garden tap the excess water is typically just going un noticed once again and allowing for undetected high usage to occur.  Very green and healthy vegetation can be a tell tail sign that unintended water consumption is taking place through a leaking faucet or faulty irrigation solenoid part.

    Can You Be Compensated By SA Water?


    In some circumstances SA Water will provide compensation for unknown water usage allowing you to claim back some of that money on your high-water utility bills.  The first port of call for a process such as this to take place is a plumber will need to attend the property and perform investigations to confirm where the water leak has come from.  If you suspect a water leak at your home or office contact us today and let us do the hard work for you and potentially start saving you money!


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