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  • Introducing A New Piece Of Technology In Bathroom Renovations

    new toilet bowl technology

    The bathroom renovation industry has certainly come along way since shows such as the block on channel 9 and house rules on channel 7 started over 10 years ago. Full height wall tiling and frame less shower screens have all become a must have with any type of bathroom renovation.

    When we look at the plumbing fixtures there is also an increasing trend which is slowly taking off and becoming more apparent in the commercial plumbing sector.

    Hygienic Flushing Solutions


    Ever since the introduction of a toilet with a flushable cistern it has been taken for granted that the toilet bowl will have a rim and that’s where the water enters the bowl and flushes the waste away.

    With this technology items such as toilet deodorisers where attached to the rim of bowl to try and keep the germs at bay. Although these items provided some form of fragrance, they can also fall into the toilet bowl and cause a blockage in the S trap of the toilet. Another downside to the conventional toilet bowl is that germs tend to hide under the rim where they are out of site and out of mind.

    It is from industry leaders in the bathroom renovation industry such as Caroma, Villeroy and Boch, Fienza, Grohe and Roca that a relatively new type of technology is dripping into the plumbing industry. Introducing the rim less toilet bowls a hygienic solution for any bathroom or toilet block.

    As the name suggests the toilet bowl no longer has underlying rim where the water enters the bowl.

    How does it all work?


    What will immediately stand out to you is the sleek clean lines inside the toilet bowl of a rim less suite (as per image on page). Instead of having multiple entry points into the pan there is now one direct entrance point at the rear. When the toilet cistern is flushed water will enter from the rear of the pan.

    The water is directed down the rear of the pan and towards the front creating an even circle pattern ensuring each part of the toilet bowl gets enough water to clean any debris (see video below for full example).

    Commercial Plumbing


    Where we are seeing a huge increase to the market is as previously touched on above is the commercial plumbing industry. Whether it be into apartments or shopping centres the rim less toilet bowl is slowly increasing on architects and consultants’ specifications. Hygiene is the number one reason.

    It was only a few years ago that we saw the move towards Dyson air dryers, and this was for the same reason hygiene practises where increased. As the commercial plumbing market start to use this product it will in turn increase awareness to the public. Show rooms such as Tradelink, Routley’s and Reece have various models on show for your convenience.

    With the push from manufacturer Fienza there will be more models for us to choose from in South Australia in the coming months and years as they are in the processes of opening a warehouse in Adelaide.

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