Quite often we will get a new booking for a pump repair in Glenelg and the surrounding suburbs of Brighton and Somerton Park. The pumps in this location of Adelaide play crucial roles in keeping these properties and businesses functional. They are often used to either
remove excess water or provide water to the properties, both are as important as the other for these property owners.

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Typical Pumps We Work With

When we start to discuss the pumps used in Glenelg, South Australia there are two main pumps which we typically work with at Mayfair Plumbing and Gas Fitting, and they are as follows:

Sump pumps: A typical sump pump installation will be used for many of the under-ground car parks along the fore shore where the water table is very high because the proximity to the ocean. Many of the buildings such as Lights Landing, Mariner East, Oaks Plaza Pier and the Stamford Grand have underground sump pumps which work continually 24/7 to deal with underground water seeping through to the car park and basement walls.

The water is transferred to underground pumping stations via perimeter agricultural drains to protect the building from taking on water. Once the water finds its way to the storm water pumping station it will then be transferred to stormwater catchment drains via a Grundfos or Davey pump (in most cases).

Due to high level of salinity contained in this water throughout the council of hold fast bay it is crucial to ensure quarterly maintenance is performed to check the correct operation of the pumps and all of their working parts such as float valves and high-level alarms. At
Mayfair Plumbing we are a preferred pump service agent for all the major manufacturers and the also some of the not so well non pump manufacturers.

Our Glenelg plumbers and pump technicians carry all the right parts to have a submersible pump fixed promptly and cost affectively even if a fault occurs after hours as we offer an emergency pump service for times when the operation is crucial to the functionality of a home or business.

Bore pumps: It’s not uncommon to see homes arounds Glenelg North and Glenelg East with beautiful, lush green gardens and that’s because majority of these residents are using bore water. Many of Adelaide’s coastal suburbs have access to reasonable quality bore water even all the way out to Osborne, North Haven and Largs Bay you will find many homes are using bore water.

These bores in these parts of South Australia are not particularly deep and many of the Onga jet pumps are located above ground. Some of the older style pumps still need manual priming, but the newer version manufactured by Grundfos, Lowara and Davey are self-priming models.

Once again given their proximity to the coastline these pumps are also vulnerable to high levels of salinity in the air and therefore need regular pump maintenance to ensure the integrity of these pieces of infrastructure are kept in top working order.

Mayfair Plumbing are one of only a handful of bore pump repairers and bore pump installers across Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills and we have grown this stellar reputation in Glenelg due to our extensive product knowledge and huge range of plant and equipment allowing us to perform tasks majority of our competitors cannot under take.

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