Glenelg quite often referred to as “The Bay” to those in the know is one of South Australia’s gems when it comes to beach side locations for the perfect get away or even a Sunday afternoon stroll along the luscious white sands or even down jetty road for a refreshing ice cream.

plumbing services in Glenelg

Unique Plumbing Considerations

The city of holdfast bay is the council district which Glenelg and its 4,000 plus residents reside under. Maintaining these beautiful coastal properties can at times prove to be quite the task when we start talking plumbing and gas. As most people know that anything near the ocean is exposed to corrosion and when it comes to salt water and sand there’s no better match to cause great stress on the various water, sewer and gas pipes and various isolation valves exposed the elements.

Anything that relates to plumbing and is exposed to Mother Nature along the costal strips will take a beating and probably won’t last as long as other locations such as Morphettville which is located further in land from Glenelg.

We also offer a Glenelg pump repair service and installations.

History Of Glenelg

Glenelg has quite a long history dating back to the early days of 1836 when Governor John Hindmarsh proclaimed the province of South Australia at the Old Gum Tree which is located at Glenelg North. Other iconic land marks are the Jetty which was first opened back in April 1859, there is quite a lot history behind this structure, from cyclones to fires and eventually being destroyed. The second attempt of building the Jetty still stands today and is only one third of its original length and is mainly used for fishing and site seeing.

Owning a house anywhere in Glenelg, Glenelg North or East the soil is very sandy and although this is a dream to dig in as a plumber from Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting, ground movement and ground water can cause serious issues. When the recently constructed Marina Pier, Lights Landing and Stamford Grand apartments/hotels where built the digging of underground car parks was easy the soil was basically pure beach sand, BUT keeping the ocean water out of the car park that was another problem. To this day permanent water pumps are installed underground which continually maintain the levels of water bellow these hotels and this is always very tidal dependant.

Most commercial properties close the beach opt for a Stainless Steel Hot Water Service tank, the warranty on these items is longer and its properties to resiting corrosion are much higher, yes the initial out lay is a bit higher, but there is nothing worse than having no hot water at a restaurant or pub on a Saturday night.

Weather Implications

With the exposure to radical weather patterns it’s not unusual to get emergency plumbing call outs during winter for things like leaking roofs or over flowing storm water drain pipes. In summer when the beach is very popular the pubs and clubs are extremely busy and patrons sometimes can get a little over excited and toilets get blocked with beer glasses and occasionally a basin or toilet seat is ripped of the wall or toilet pan. It’s at times like this that Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfittings emergency 24/7 plumbing service Glenelg is in over drive, but luckily we have plumbers located just off Jetty road and also off of Brighton road allowing service within the hour every time.

Blocked Drain Cleaning

When we are talking about blocked drains in vicinity of Brighton all the way to Glenelg North the Hydro Jet drain clearing machine is simply the only way to go, with large amounts of beach sands finding their way into the drain lines, the most efficient way of getting these lines cleared is by blasting them with huge amounts of high pressure water and that’s what we use every time, the best technology money can buy giving 100% customer satisfaction every time.

As we have moved into the 20th century Glenelg is still seeing a huge growth spurt and the population is increasing, this could explain why we find ourselves frequenting the streets of Holdfast Bay with our plumbing vehicles more often every year.
So next time you’re driving home down Anzac Highway and you arrive home and find you need a Plumber, think Mayfair, that is Mayfair Plumbing and Gas.