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  • Maintaining Your Flexible Water Hoses

    fixing flexible water hoses

    Unfortunately, most plumbing items are out of site and often out of mind.  Take for instance a sewer pipe. We never think about it until it starts to gurgle or smell.  Braided hoses are no exception to this but pose a significant risk if not maintained or installed correctly.

    What could happen?


    A braided water hose is typically installed inside a cupboard either a vanity in the bathroom or in a kitchen cupboard.  When was the last time you opened the cupboard and thought WOW those flexi hoses look like they might need replacing?  I bet never right??  Well you’re not alone and it can cause significant damage to a property if it was to ever burst.

    One of our common emergency plumbing call outs is to rescue someone from a burst flexi hose.  Unfortunately, nothing last for ever and when these hoses let go it will lead to a huge amount of flooding until the water can be turned off.  

    Is there a solution?


    Routine maintenance and the correct product are the solution to this problem.  Today there are products on the market which offer a PEX lined hose also known in the industry as “Burst Proof” this is a good place to start.  By using a slightly more expensive product it will offer more piece of mind that the flexible water hose inside your cupboard will last for a longer period.

    Another solution is to peek inside your cupboard when you’re putting the dishwashing liquid away or grabbing another roll of toilet.  If these items seem moist perhaps investigate why?  A simple glimpse inside your cupboard could save thousands of dollars and man hours of cleaning up a huge mess.

    Handy Tips


    In our you tube video below you will find some handy tips on how we install a new water flexi hose.  There a few common myths which we bust about how a flexible connector should be installed.  We quite often are surprised just how many people install their new hoses incorrectly making their life so much harder and potentially harming the product.

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