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  • For 24 hour plumbing situations, call Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting. You can always rely on our licensed qualified plumber gasfitters to be there when you need us most. We guarantee professional, friendly, unparalleled service every time, on time. We have plumbers in Adelaide available 24/7 any day of the week and in most circumstances we can have a plumber come to you anywhere in the city and the Adelaide Hills, (Mt Barker plumber), within the hour. Call Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting for dependable emergency plumber Adelaide services.


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    When you have a problem that needs fixing fast you want to know that:

    • The price is competitive and the best in South Australia
    • The 24 7 service is second to none
    • The emergency tradesman will arrive on time
    • The service is 100% guaranteed, including drainage services, hot water repairs and installations
    • The expert you talk to on the phone will be doing the job
    • Affordable local services for urgent call outs

    Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting ticks all these boxes. You know you’re getting an experienced professional that’s going to get the job done right when looking for the best Adelaide plumbing company.


    Fast Call Out Plumbing Provider


    Your issues are our problem. Our team of licensed professionals are fully trained in all aspects of the job which enables us to fix any problem at any time. Whether you have a burst water pipe at 11pm or a blocked sewer drain at 6am on a Sunday, let Mayfair help you. We fix plumbing emergencies on time anywhere in Adelaide with competitive rates not costing you the earth.


    What can I do until the tradesman comes to my property?


    • Blocked drain = Stop using sinks, toilets, showers, basins, hot water service and taps in the house
    • Burst water pipe = Turn the water meter off to the property
    • Leaking toilet = Avoid using the toilet and avoid flushing it
    • Roof leak = Put an empty bucket under the area and move all items out of the way
    • Leaking tap = Turn the water meter off to the property
    • Burst hot water system = Keep children and pets away as the water can be very hot

    Finding solutions are our priority. With 20 years of experience in plumbing, we understand how stressful a plumbing emergency can be. They always seem to happen at the worst times! Mayfair knows your problem is a top priority. That’s why we have a plumber on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your call. With Mayfair you're in safe hands day or night. Call us and speak to plumber who will be performing your job.


    Case Studies


    As we have continued to grow our emergency division of the company we have started to help our clients develop programmed maintenance schedules to enable some of our larger clientele to avoid some of the more foreseeable emergencies we have attended in the past. The benefit of this is firstly we are 100% across the properties plumbing and gas infrastructure and secondly the client is sleeping easier at night knowing the risks of an emergency ever arsing has been minimised.


    Case Study Number 1 – BUPA Dental Surgery:


    Over the past few years we have built a strong relationship with a dental clinic which is part of the BUPA group of dentists in Adelaide. There aim is to minimise down time to any parts of the surgery and laboratories onsite through a plumbing emergency arising at the property. To do this, we perform various plumbing related tasks at regular intervals for them at various times of the year.

    Cleaning of plaster trap:


    At the end of every month we attend the laboratory and remove the plaster trap and have this completely dismantled and every part thoroughly cleaned out and rebuilt. By doing this we avoid the possibility of a blocked sewer drain and eliminate any potential down times in the laboratories through fowl odours and in operable work stations.

    Maintaining public wash room facilities:


    Running a large dental practice means you must provide adequate conveniences for your clients to use both during there visit and while waiting for their appointment. Items such as hard to turn off tapware and toilets which do not flush properly can cause problems that can certainly lead an unexpected visit from your plumber. Every 3 to 4 months we go through each washroom and recondition each tap to enable the ease of use and ensure each piece of tapware is shutting off to minimise the waste of water. We then check that each toilet cistern is flushing correctly and sealing off when the flush has completed draining into the toilet bowl itself. Due to the nature of a dental surgery some fixture require access to 70 degrees of water where others require access to 45 degrees of water to avoid scalding. How the 45-degree water temperature is achieved is using tempering valves. Each hand basin and shower have its individual tempering valve which requires annual testing to ensure it is operating correctly, something which we also do for this client.

    Case Study Number 2 – Insurance Brokers Offices:


    Running an office with 30 plus staff certainly means that when a toilet clogs up or the water heater pops there is most likely going to be some un happy staff members who will demand an emergency plumber attends within the hour. Some of these problems can be avoided and through the development of a regular maintenance plumbing programme it is a sure step in the right direction as a responsible business owner. Below are a few tasks we have rolled out recently to help this business maintain a happy and productive work place.

    Camera Inspections and Hydro Jetting drains:


    Owning a commercial property with old earthenware drain pipes is always going to be an issue when it comes to blocked drain pipes. Going back a few years ago we were called to this property in the middle of the day due to an emergency plumbing situation. The drains were completely clogged, and no one could use any of the toilets and hand basins (an absolute disaster). Once the problem was resolved it was decided by the owners that a routine maintenance program needed to be put in place. Every six months we now attend this property with our cctv drainage camera inspection equipment. Through looking inside, the pipes from the street connection into the properties internal drainage lines we can carefully identify if a section of pipe work is experiencing an invasion by tree roots and then locally clean the drains with our hydro jetting equipment.

    Scheduled servicing of hot water systems:


    When a water heater is installed from new by our licensed plumbers at Mayfair there are a few things which can be done throughout the systems life which will help minimise any down time and avoid the need for a plumber to be called out for an emergency. Annual inspections of the hot water will confirm how the system is working whether it be an electrical, solar or gas fired system. We can check the temperature being delivered through the kitchen, basin and shower taps and ensure the flow rates are set correctly. Electrical amps and ohms can be carefully measured with our latest digital multi meters to show if the components are starting to show signs of slowing down and advise if certain components should be programmed into an upgrade schedule as either a priority 1, 2 and 3 job requests.

    If you would like to discuss what we can do for your business to help avoid a plumbing emergency, please get in contact with our staff today and book a free no obligation appointment.


  • Questions Our Customers Regularly Ask Us:


    How can I stop my drains overflowing?


    We advise you immediately stop using anything that goes into your drains such as showers, basins, baths or sinks this assist in stopping any further overflow from a blocked drainpipe.  Then call us on 0429361819.

    What do I do if I smell gas?


    There is no such thing as a safe gas leak.  If you smell gas and you know where the gas meter is for your house turn the valve off to your house immediately.  Until a gasfitter arrives stop using any sources of ignition.

    How I can I stop flooding from a burst pipe?


    If you have a burst water pipe locate your water meter or your water shut off valve to your property.  Once you have done this turn on any outside taps this will help ease the water coming into your home and allow it to drain away safely outside.

    How do I stop my toilet from running?


    If your toilets cistern is continually running there should be a small water shut off valve below it coming out the wall (typically chrome in colour) try and turn this clockwise.  If this is jammed tight turn your water meter off to the property.

    I can’t stop my shower dripping water fast what can I do?


    Over time the washers inside a shower perish and start to allow water to drip out the shower rose.  When left unattended these get bad and one day they will not shut off.  Turn off the water to you house and contact Mayfair Plumbing 0429361819.