• A water pump is used to pump water as the name describes. These pumps come in many different shapes and sizes and can transfer water in large volumes at rapid speeds or slow speeds depending on the end user’s requirements. Water pumps can start off as small as your hand with 15mm/half inch connections ranging all the way through to 8inch bolt on flanged connectors. Water pumps are not designed to work with liquids which contain solids or particles and in most cases will have a filter prior to the inlet if the likely hood of any contaminants entering the pump is possible.

    Where would you expect to find a water pump performing its task? The locations and uses are endless, but some of the more common places they are found in the plumbing industry are:

    Water pumps can be used in multi storey developments (offices, apartments, shopping complexes, hospitals and hotels) to assist in the transferring of potable water from the ground floor up to plantrooms typically located towards to the top of these buildings. Water pumps are also used to transfer potable hot and warm water around the various locations of a building from the plant rooms. Majority of the fire protection systems for commercial complexes will incorporate the use of numerous water pumps in the case of a fire they will be used to jack the street pressure and deliver a large volume of water to where ever the fire is taking place.

    It doesn’t have necessarily be in multi storey developments where a water pump is found, they can be used for the transfer of rain water from a house storage tank to a toilet or laundry tap or on a large scale project such as a farm where water is transferred via pump from one location to another due to a lack of mains water available to the property. Another example of pumps being used frequently for water is the pool industry there are many pumps used and needed to keep an aquatic centre working.

    When we look at remote locations across Australia there is still a lot of work being performed in these areas and drinking water is not always available so water filtration plants will be set up and inside of these you will find large scale water pumps which are used to transfer the water around the plant and out to the end users.

    The use for water pumps is endless and what we have listed is only a small handful, if you have an enquiry about your water pump please contact us today.