• Pump Repair & Maintanence

    It’s not un common to attend plumbing project in Adelaide which requires the use of a pump of some type or size. There are a variety of different pumps on the plumbing market today used for many different purposes. Pumps can be used in small scale domestic set-ups for house hold rain water tanks through to large industrial pumps used in manufacturing and mining used for the transfer and circulating of water, liquids, gases, fuel and waste.

    When a pump fails it can be either electrical or plumbing related or even both and you will need a company who has both parts of the equation covered. Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting not only employ licensed plumbers but we also employ Class A Licensed electricians. The majority of our pump related call outs our technicians get asked to attend to require the expertise of both a licensed electrician and a licensed plumber that’s the benefit of engaging Mayfair Plumbing you will have the job fixed under the one umbrella.

    Industrial Pumps


    Depending on the exact set up a lot of commercial and industrial manifolded pump systems are installed with multiple pumps inline to allow for two situations to take place without affecting the business and they are:

    1. shut down maintenance to one of the pumps and

    2. if one of the pump fails the business can still remain in some form of operation.

    Routine maintenance is a good solution to many problems should be built into every businesses annual schedule for property maintenance to avoid minimal down times in production.

    Some of the more common brands of pumps our technicians work with are: Grundfos, Onga, ITT, Saniforce, Sandpiper, Javelin, Flowserve, Sulzer, Ebara, Putzmeister, Wilo AG, Welco, Rhino, Weir, K S B, Davey, abs, Graco, FTI and Roper Industries these are just a handful of the many brands we install, supply and repair across South Australia.

    So what are the different types of pumps used in the plumbing market today and what tasks do they perform: