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    At a young age I decided to become a licensed master plumber and gasfitter in Adelaide. As a business I knew I would always be working on many different projects and no project would ever be the same, whether it be Hot Water Service and Repairs in the CBD or Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning out in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide around Para Hills there was always going to be a huge amount of diversity. I started my plumbing studies at Regency Park TAFE in the plumbing division, today this no longer exists and has been relocated out to Tonsley Park the old Mitsubishi car manufacturing plant. During my 4 years of the plumbing apprenticeship I also started completing as much as possible of the Master Plumbers and Gasfitters courses so that once my apprenticeship was completed I would be well on the road to creating the best trade company in the area.

    Best in Adelaide


    Adelaide being the capital city of South Australia currently has a population of just under 1.3 million people, now that’s a lot of plumbing issues to deal with if they all need a Plumber Adelaide at the same time. But having said this Adelaide comes in as number 5 for the most populated city in Australia, so we are not as big as it may sound comparably speaking.

    Growing up and working as a Plumber in the City of Churches I have personally been involved with the Plumbing, Gas, Storm Water, Hot Water, Trade Waste, Sewer, Fire Protection and Backflow Prevention on many of Adelaide’s well known developments such as: Adelaide Convention Centre, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Mawson Lakes Shopping Centre, Lumiere Apartments on Halifax Street, Lights Landing Apartment’s at Glenelg, Flinders Medical Centre, SAAB Head Quarters at Technology Park Mawson Lakes, Gawler Woolworths, Big W and Carpark, Women’s and Children’s Hospital Emergency Department, Kensington Hotel, Helping Hand Aged Care Mawson Lakes, Lifestyles SA Offices King William Road Unley, Para Hills Library and Community Hall, Elizabeth South Activity Hall, Women’s and Children’s Play Deck and Café, Park 17 in the Adelaide Park Lands, Playford Civic Centre and the Murray Bridge Library.
    Probably the most defining streets which outline the CBD of Adelaide would be North Terrace, South Terrace, West Terrace and Pulteney Street these four roads basically capture the main foot prints of Adelaide business district. When we get a call for plumbers Adelaide some of our customers have specific trade car parks which takes a lot of the pain out of finding a location for the plumbing service vans and when this is not possible the only other option is 30 minute loading zones, when we park our plumbers vans in these zones you really need to keep an eye on your watch when your plumbing as the Adelaide City Council are red hot handing out parking tickets.

    Adelaide was originally founded in 1836 and it was intended to be the capital for the state its location was chosen due to its proximity with the River Torrens, Colonel William Light set out Adelaide in its grid like format with parklands completely surrounding the whole city. Adelaide was planned and established as a colony of free immigrants and it promised freedom from religious persecution based on ideas from Edward Gibbon Wakefield. Adelaide’s early history was wrought by poor leadership and economic uncertainty. The first governor of SA was John Hindmarsh and he continually clashed with others about his ideas and plans for Adelaide. It was in 1838 Governor Gawler took over from John Hindmarsh and started building iconic South Australian buildings such as the Adelaide Goal, Governors House, Customs House and the Wharf at Port Adelaide, which all of these buildings still stand true and strong today and are open for public viewings and can provide quite interesting viewing especially looking at how the plumbing use to be installed back then, things lead waste pipes and cast iron drains which all took a lot of skill and man power to install and some are still in working order today distributing Adelaide’s sewer and water.




    Many of the old office buildings in Adelaide which may be over 8 stories in height or even Westpac House which is located on the corners of North Terrace and King William Street and is Adelaide’s tallest building standing at a massive 132m these all have water storage tanks in the roof top plant rooms. A small diameter pipe delivers the water to the storage tanks and the fresh water is then dispersed back down through the various floors to all the different outlets whether they be toilet pans, wash basins or kitchen sinks via gravity. When working as a Plumber you need to know about things like this when trying to service taps, leaking toilets or even burst water pipes, because although you have turned off the isolation valve when performing plumbing tasks there is still going to be water left over in the pipe until it is drained down fully.

    The night life around Adelaide can get fairly rowdy down the Hindley Street end of Adelaide in Western district, places such as The Worlds End, Dog and Duck and Red Square all attract many party goers over a weekend and its fairly common to get a phone call from one of the managers late at night requesting an Emergency Plumber within the hour, Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting specialise in providing Emergency Plumbers 24/7 and that’s why we get the phone calls to help out with Emergency Plumbing Services Adelaide. When a Plumbing Emergency strikes on busy Friday or Saturday evening in the early hours of the night you need your Plumbing Emergency fixed quick smart. It doesn’t just have to be after hours when an Emergency Plumbing job arises in Adelaide, it can be during the week also, if you have an office on the upper floors of your building somewhere in the city of Adelaide and a water or sewer leak occurs you can’t risk the liquid flooding out one of your fellow tenants, so you call Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting for FAST Emergency Plumbers Adelaide and get that Emergency Plumbing situation under control 24/7.




    Adelaide is continually expanding whether it be with its residential sprawl both North out past Elizabeth towards Gawler or South down past Seaford heading towards Aldinga with more houses for Adelaide’s fast growing population OR the expanding CBD with large projects currently under way and recently completed like the Adelaide Oval Redevelopment, Re location of the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide Convention Centre Stage 2 Expansion and the Mayfair Hotel located on the corners of Hindley Street and King William Street right in the heart of the city opposite Adelaide’s busy shopping precinct Rundle Mall.

    With all these large scale projects under way and new ones continually starting up throughout Adelaide comes a lot of work for our Plumbers Adelaide. The list of plumbing and gas tasks involved with these projects is huge, jobs such as: Storm Water Drainage both in ground and above ground, Deep Sewer Drainage pipes with pumping stations and also multi storey sewer pipes to convey all the waste from the various levels throughout the buildings, Water Mains both in the ground and above distributing water throughout the various sub divisions and multi storey apartment buildings, Natural Gas Pipe Lines with both high and low pressure gas lines distributing the gas to room heaters and hot water services to provide nice relaxing showers and baths to the owners after a hard day’s work or just on a relaxing day off the list are endless of the task involved when it comes to Plumbing Adelaide, but one thing is assured is that you will always get a quality guaranteed job when using Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting.

     Probably the most interesting Plumbing projects which I have been involved with in Adelaide as a Plumber was the Adelaide Convention Centre Stage 1, I can remember various different things about this project which made it unique, working over the tops of rail way tracks whilst they were in use, working really long hours to meet tight deadlines and also being a 4th year apprentice finishing the project off for the company I was working for at the time and performing various additional tasked requested after hand over, but the most interesting moment I believe was when the builder Baulderstone Hornibrook were pouring the concrete for the structural up rights which support the building (columns) back in the early stages of the job and the concrete just seemed to keep disappearing, this was because it was actually disappearing, the concrete was filling up old abandoned tunnels under the city of Adelaide, which still exist today. This is another amazing piece of history about Adelaide. The city today still has underground tunnels beneath it, some of these are very well preserved and can be observed in North Adelaide bellow the very popular Old Lion Hotel.

    Every job that we perform for our customers in Adelaide when working as plumbers is our most important job, our reputation is what shows our new customers what they can expect when engaging the services of Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting. Adelaide is a relatively small yet busy city with numerous plumbing and gas fitting companies established, knowing who to trust your next Hot Water Repair and Service, Blocked Drain, Bathroom Renovation or even an Emergency Plumbing Job to can be scary, but at least with Mayfair our customers are willing to publicly review us on Google and True Local and tell others that there is still good old fashioned reliable Plumbers in Adelaide today with a 5 Star rating every time.