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    Over the past 15 years the plumbing industry has seen many changes designed to improve the water efficiency of many fixtures we use. Changes such as dual flush toilet cisterns, water less urinals, water saving shower heads and flow restricted tapware have all created a more environmental foot print for water conservation in Adelaide.

    Unfortunately, some of these changes have created issues for the end user when it comes it disposal of toilet paper down the drains themselves. Due to a more compact toilet bowl and the reduced flow from the cistern many users find that their toilet blocks regularly due to the paper not breaking down quick enough and going around the S trap fast enough. We notice as plumbers attending homes and businesses that many people will have a plunger on stand bye to assist with this problem on a daily event.

    A new way forward


    However there has been a break through by a company called Sofidel who are a world-wide supplier of paper for hygienic purposes. This new range of paper titled “Bio Tec” is being introduced initially to the cruise ship industry where paper blockages can lead to major catastrophes. Imagine being out in the middle of the ocean and the entire ships sewer system clogs up not an idealistic situation to have on your hands. Fortunately, one company has come up with a solution to help ease the burden of such as problem occurring.

    How it works


    The Bio Tec range is new and limited currently to Europe. This type of paper contains 5 microorganisms all designed to target the build up of organic matter inside of waste lines and fixtures. The first initial contact is typically with water which activates the good microorganisms which produce enzymes that feed off the offending matter in the pipes. These microorganisms then continue to reproduce exponentially and intensify their cleaning action even without any chemical or mechanical intervention. The good microorganisms contribute to reducing the bad microorganisms by consuming their food (food antagonism) and further continue to reduce the surfactants released by detergents in the drains. Once this process has been completed the good microorganisms completely biodegrade. What this means is that Bio Tec is 100% environmentally friendly. Tests have been performed to confirm Bio Tec friendly ness to the human being and contact with its delicate parts and all results show no negative side effects.

    Bio Tec are having great results so far with industries such as hospitality. The more it is used the more it cleans. Yes, this product has huge benefits for the environment but is also has other positive effects such as better guest satisfaction with less clogs of waste lines, a decrease in odours, space saving, decreased down time of cubicles and a sturdy enough product to ensure user satisfaction. A product one day I believe Australia will see the benefits of using and assist with sustaining a healthier environment.

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