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  • Avoiding a Failed Warranty

    There is a misconception among many people who have not been educated correctly by their plumber when having a new hot water service installed.  They believe that their new water heater has a 7 or 10-year warranty and there is no maintenance or further work required by them to keep the warranty valid.  To have a boilers warranty honoured by the manufacturer there are various tasks which need to be performed during the life of the system (like a car, servicing).


    Hot water systems such as a 250L Rheem mains pressure storage system require their expansion relief valves released and replaced if not working at 6 monthly intervals.  Most tanks have a magnesium device inside which is called a sacrificial anode.  As the name suggests this sacrifices itself during the life of the water heater before allowing deterioration of the tank.  During the life of the tank this must be replaced and the intervals of this will depend on the water quality being supplied to the system.  As guide we find that 3 years is an average life expectancy of the sacrificial anode in Adelaide.

    Regular Maintenance


    When a new system is installed by our company we follow up with our clients at regular intervals to ensure that tasks mentioned above are maintained.  By doing this it allows for owners to get the absolute maximum life span out of the system.  Also by performing these tasks as suggested by the manufacturer if the need ever arises for a warranty claim you put yourself in a good position to have the warranty honoured.

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