• Drainage Problems in Parkside

    Many of Adelaide’s older suburbs such as Unley, Eastwood, Fullarton and Parkside use to have big blocks of land in them and over time the size of these parcels of land has been drastically decreased.  Many of the older corner buildings once housed delis, butchers, milk bars and barbers’ shops.  Back when these shops were in operation sewer drainage was not as regulated as they are today.  Because of this reason our recent job in Parkside was extremely complicated.

    Emergency For Blocker Sewer Drain

    Late Thursday night we had an emergency plumber call come in for a blocked sewer drain.  The customer was happy to wait until normal hydrojet drain cleaninghours on Friday for us to come and attend.  Upon arrival to the site there was a lack of inspection openings to enable access into the sewer drain for cleaning.  We contacted SA Water to gain access to there infrastructure data base to further educate us as to where the drain lines where running.  As it turned out not even SA Water had any records of there own drain lines for this particular property.  SA Water lodged a service request to have one of their field officers come to site and identify where the sewer lines run at this house.
    Late Friday a field officer from SA Water attended the property and confirmed that the drain runs through the neighbours back yard and then onto Clyde Street (not a typical route for sewer drains in Adelaide).  Now armed with some further information we returned to the house Saturday to clear the blocked drains.

    Hydrojet For Unblocking Drains

    After setting up the Hydro Jet we proceeded to clean the blocked drains.  After an hour of jetting the blockage was still not getting resolved.  It would appear the affected drain was off the side of the main sewer pipe (a branch drains into the homes extension).  The next challenge was to gain access into this affected section of drainage.  There was recently installed brand new timber deck all installed in the backyard which happened to be installed directly over the main sewer pipe with no indication of an inspection opening being present!

    CCTV Cameras for Drain Inspections

    There was a couple of options which were now faced with either remove the toilet pan inside the house and go through the branch drain this way or put our CCTV Camera through the main sewer and identify where the branch was in the hope of pin pointing an inspection opening which may be sitting below the timber decking.  After a video inspection of the drain we identified a sewer inspection opening which had not been raised above the timber decking.  With a locator we were able to pin point the exact location of the camera inside the drain and then locate an inspection opening which was sitting below the timber deck
    After carefully removing a couple of planks on the decking the inspection opening was sitting right there, hooray!  We were making some in roads (this was a huge piece of discovery).  Once we relocated the hydro jetting machine and set up with the warthog nozzle which can deliver 4000psi of pressure and approximately 27 litres of water per minute the blocked sewer branch line was resolved within the next 20 minutes.
    Once the clogged line was successfully released, we proceeded to paper test the entire drain out to its connection point which was out in Clyde Street.  Sure, enough the drain was flowing perfectly, almost like new again, an amazing result after such a huge amount of time had been invested into this problem.
    Now armed with all these crucial points of information the customer documented all the tasks we had performed for them so in future any drain problems can be resolved far quicker than this process took.