• Stay Warm With Natural Gas

    Undoubtedly the most cost-efficient method for heating a room or a building is with the use of gas whether it be natural gas or propane (LPG bottled gas). There are many options for getting the right fit for your circumstances.  Some people simply [...]

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    The Advantages Of A Temperature Control Pad

    If you own a hot water service which has or is compatible with a temperature controller, then you are certainly well onto the way of having one of the most energy efficient water heaters on the market today. Advantages   There are numerous [...]

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    All Taps Are The Same Right?

    A common myth amongst many home owners is that all taps are the same, they turn on and off and control the water flow.  Technically yes, but the physical workings of a tap do vary.  There are three main varieties on the plumbing market today and [...]

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