• Grohe In Wall Cisterns

     If you talk to any plumber, they will tell you that they either don’t want to work on an in-wall toilet cistern or simply just don’t know how to. The introduction of the in-wall toilet cistern came about 15 years ago to the [...]

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    Creating A Greener Future

    Over the past 15 years the plumbing industry has seen many changes designed to improve the water efficiency of many fixtures we use. Changes such as dual flush toilet cisterns, water less urinals, water saving shower heads and flow restricted [...]

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    All because of a 10-cent piece

    It all started at 8:00pm on a Tuesday night.  The phone rang, and I answered, a new customer needed an after-hours emergency plumber to assist with her rental property where the tenants reported no hot water at any of the faucets in the home.  We [...]

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