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  • Avoiding a &quote;FAILED&quote; warranty

    There is a misconception among many people who have not been educated correctly by their plumber when having a new hot water service installed.  They believe that their new water heater has a 7 or 10-year warranty and there is no maintenance or [...]

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    STOP the burn!

    Have you ever been in a shower when the water goes from the perfect temperature to freezing cold and then back up to boiling hot again and it becomes near impossible to get the correct temperature adjusted?  You’re not alone, there are a few [...]

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    Hands Free - A Better Solution For Hygiene

    On a recent overseas holiday to Hong Kong it was very interesting to see just many hand basins and toilet facilities such as pans and urinals were all hands free operated.  This is a very hygienic way of using these devices and is helping to [...]

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