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  • Introducing A New Piece Of Technology In Bathroom Renovations

    The bathroom renovation industry has certainly come along way since shows such as the block on channel 9 and house rules on channel 7 started over 10 years ago. Full height wall tiling and frame less shower screens have all become a must have with [...]

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    The Importance Of Maintaining A Pump

    Pumps are like a lot of things in the plumbing industry, no one thinks about them or sees them until something goes wrong. Plumbing fixtures such as water pumps play a crucial role in the transfer of liquids from one location to the other. [...]

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    Maintaining Your Flexible Water Hoses

    Unfortunately, most plumbing items are out of site and often out of mind.  Take for instance a sewer pipe. We never think about it until it starts to gurgle or smell.  Braided hoses are no exception to this but pose a significant risk if [...]

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