• Plumbing & Maintenance Services We Offer

    At Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting we offer a large range of services for all Adelaide residents and businesses in all areas of plumbing, hot water service & replacement, and general maintenance. Our business model is set-up to cater for all plumbing related tasks as we understand the unique environment of Adelaide’s infrastructure, and how it can be different from other cities around Australia and the world.


    Plant & Equipment


    Plumbing is quite often unique in its operation and requires an approach which needs a variety of equipment to tackle the task. Over the many years of successfully servicing our clients we have extended our range of plant and equipment to allow our technicians to take on any job presented all through the one business without the need to out source any of our project tasks. This approach gives further confidence to our customers and has seen us complete some of the state’s largest infrastructure upgrades and new installations.

    Although we certainly handle all day to day services you would expect from a plumbing company such as blocked pipes, leaking toilets and hot water service installations and repairs we also specialise in other areas that other companies do not. Offering an on-call service for 24-hour emergency response all days of the week and programmed maintenance for large organisations is an area we have dedicated a lot of time to over the history of the business and today has seen us become a market leader in these fields. Operating a business which never stops such as a hotel or hospital means you cannot afford any down time and, in the event, something goes wrong you need the ability to be able to contact a company who will be available to attend an area we specialise in.

    Trained Technicians


    Our technicians are trained to work with all major brands and manufacturers of all plumbing and gas related products. Today technology is leading the way in how water and gas is delivered to our properties and its appliances. Being up to date with all the ins and outs of these products operation is vital in providing quality service to our customers. Not only does this allow us to correctly install the fixtures but it allows us to correctly identify any faults and fix them. We have been recognised by hot water manufacturer Bosch as preferred installers and repair agents throughout South Australia.

    We offer an online booking service through our contact us page and an option to book for any general small maintenance jobs using our 20% off online booking form. You can also get in touch with us via our telephone number 0429361819. To find out specific information on each of our services you can access these by using the menus in the sidebar.