• Repair Of Damaged And Leaking Roofs

    repairing a water damaged roof and ceiling

    Our expert plumbers will find the source of your roof leak and fix it fast.

    Maintaining and repairing your roof is imperative to maximising its lifespan. Over time, corrugated iron roofs can corrode, causing cracks and exposing them to rain. Tiled roofs are vulnerable to storms and falling trees and are prone to damage in harsh weather. Any issues that aren't tended to will inevitably cause structural damage and leakages, so it's essential to address them as soon as they become apparent to you.

    Mayfair can source damaged roof panels and tiles and replace them so that your home and family are protected by rain and flooding at all times. We’ll also find where the water is coming from – whether it be a leak from the roof tiles or blockage in the drainpipe – and fix the issue fast so you can get back to enjoying the comfort of your home.

    How can Mayfair help?


    •  Investigation and detection of roof leakages
    •  Re-sealing
    •  Flashing repairs
    •  roof plumbing repairs and maintenance
    •  Loose roofing repairs
    •  Sourcing replacement tiles and panels
    •  Correction of spouting or downpipe leaks and blockages

    Types of roofs we specialise in:


    • Gabled
    • Hipped
    • Flat
    • Skillion
    • Mansard
    • Gambrel
    • Butterfly
    • Green

    What’s making my roof leak?




    Roofing materials like asphalt shingles can get old relatively quickly, especially in locations where extreme temperatures and weather conditions are prevalent. They can turn brittle and crack under pressure, causing avenues through which water can seep. Our professional experts can repair minor damages with sealant and in more developed cases, find to the best solution to have your roof replaced entirely. 

    Solar panel faults


    Solar panels shouldn't cause your roof to leak if they've been installed correctly. If they were installed by someone other than a licensed professional, then they may well have damaged your roof during installation. If you notice a leak from your ceiling after a bout of heavy rain, call Mayfair immediately to have the issue looked at as soon as possible, to prevent any further long-term damage.

    Flashing issues


    Flashing the edges of your roof is a vital step to keeping it watertight, but if it's not installed correctly, leaking will occur almost immediately. Even with correct installation, it will age, become weak and corrode over time. Whether the leaks are due to age or poor installation, Mayfair plumbing will have your flashing repaired and replaced in no time. 

    Weather damage


    One of the most prominent causes for roof leaks and are from external elements such as hailstorms, thunderstorms or debris and fallen trees from strong winds. Our team will ensure your roof will be repaired efficiently to ensure it can withstand future South Australian storms without compromising on safety.

    Damaged and clogged gutters


    Gutters play a huge role in preventing roof leaks. If they can't correctly channel water from the roof through the downpipes and into the drains, it could potentially pool at the base of your roof and cause flooding and eventual leakages. It may simply be a build-up of leaves, twigs and weeds causing blockages, or it may be something a little more serious. Our team will conduct a thorough inspection of your gutters to identify any compromising areas and will tend to these areas properly.

    If you suspect that you have a leak coming from the roof or need some maintenance work done to your existing roof, our team of qualified and professional plumbers can get the job done.