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  • There are plenty of plumbers in Parkside to choose from but can they all honestly tell you that they are MASTER PLUMBERS?  It’s a question you should be asking before engaging a plumber parkside.  Mayfair Plumbing and Gasfitting are licensed master plumbers who consistently outperform our competition with a division of our plumbing company called the “HOT WATER WIZARDS of Adelaide”, based at 55 unley road, parkside, sa 5063 we install same day hot water replacements and perform repairs to all brands of hot water parkside.

    A landmark location for all those chocolate lovers would have to be Haigh’s Chocolates at 154 Greenhill Road in Parkside.  It was back in 1915 when the first Haigh’s chocolates store was opened on King William Street, Adelaide by Alfred E Haigh.  Advances in plumbing have come a long way since those days and so has the expansion of the Haigh’s company.  Over a hundred years ago products such as Rehau, Viega, Geberit, B-Press and Shark Bite simply didn’t exist, so when it came to getting water to faucets and waste liquids into drain pipes products such as Galvanised piping for water and clay fired pipes for drains where used.  Today we also frequently use equipment such as our Hydro Jet, Pro Press Crimper and Oxy/Acetylene to help our 4,618 parkside customers.  It’s not only parkside where we work, you’ll occasionally find our service vehicle’s in the nearby suburbs of Eastwood, Unley, Fullarton and Malvern.  Navigating through the tight streets around these suburbs of the city of Unley can at times be a challenge, it’s not until we get an online plumbing booking from a customer in Highgate that the streets truly widen out and so do the block sizes which can at times lead to bigger plumbing problems.

    When a booking is attended to as a plumber we may arrive to a blocked drain pipe and find that the customer’s front door entrance is on Young Street yet there drive way enters off of streets such as Townsend Street and Davenport Lane in Wayville.  This example is typical of the plot division’s after the Mental Health Division of the Royal Adelaide Hospital named “The Parkside Asylum” was abolished after occupying approximately one third of Parkside’s suburb area which is 1.63 Square Kilometres.

    Majority of houses located in the suburb of Parkside are the original stone fronted cottage’s and villas with many also having additions either put on the rear at ground level or towards the back of the home but upstairs making the rear of the house two storey.  The Unley City Council has some very stringent guidelines that must be met when it comes to home renovations in Parkside and in doing so it’s important that your plumbing company is familiar with these to ensure the continual led beautification of this suburb.  Recycling rain water, retain rain water on the property and detention tanks are some of the criteria that me be requested to be met by the plumber.  Other examples that can be requested are 5 star gas hot water services by the HOT WATER WIZARDS of Adelaide, 4.5 and 3 litre flushing toilet suites and energy efficient heating installed through the introduction of Natural Gas by a licensed gas fitter parkside.

    Whether you need a boundary trap cleared or a p trap sealed don’t fall into the trap of not using a master plumber in Parkside, call Mayfair “Adelaide’s Trusted Plumbing Repairer”.  Just remember what the letters PARKSIDE should mean to you:









    That’s the MAYFAIR difference we understand our customers in Parkside, South Australia.

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