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  • What We Investigate With Our Cameras

    It’s a common question we get asked, in most cases our clients are under huge time restraints to get a pre-purchase inspection performed so they want to know what the most important things they can get checked out in the smallest amount of time.  In most inspections, we can get vital points clarified within 1 hour.  

    Common Inspections


    Some examples of common items our clients request us to investigate for them prior to signing a contract are as follows:

    •  Dampness or leaking from shower areas.  It is very common in older established properties that a shower may develop a leak and evidence is showing up on the wall behind this room.  We can attend the property and perform various tests to the pipes and visually inspect other items which may be contributing to water escaping the shower zone.
    •  Cracked or broken drain pipes.  Storm water and sewer drains are susceptible to movement and cracking during their life.  In Adelaide, we have very reactive soils and this in turn puts strain on our underground pipes.  Once a piece of drain moves a crack can appear or even a joint can dislodge.  When a pipe is damaged moisture starts to seep out and allows access for tree roots to invade the drainage system.  We can check the inside of your drains with our CCTV Camera Drain Investigation system.  Using the latest technology on the Adelaide plumbing market we can give you a clear understanding of what the condition of your pipes are in and even record the entire process to a USB device for your future reference.
    •  DIY and home handy men work.  With the availability of plumbing and gas parts becoming increasingly easier for the public to purchase the temptation for people to perform their own plumbing and gas is on the rise.  We can walk through the entire property and check the plumbing and gas services identifying any work which has been done by others who are no qualified to perform the tasks and advise on potential rectification costs.
    •  Hot Water.  What type of hot water services are on the property?  How old are the units?  What are they using for fuel (electricity, gas, solar)?  We can advise on the age of these systems and potential maintenance programs which may be needed to be put in place for future.  As we know a new hot water service can be expensive but also an integral part of the operation of any household so it is good to know the status of the system on the property and when a new system may be required so that you can budget for the expense.

    Above are just a few of the more common tasks we get asked to investigate for customers prior to them signing a contract on a new purchase.  We will happily tailor a pre-purchase inspection to suit your needs and will spend as much time on site as you require from us.  With the growing costs of real estate in South Australia for a small investment on a pre-purchase inspection the peace of mind is money well spent knowing the exact state of your gas pipes, drainage systems, hot water service and water lines in the property.