• How Electrical Faults Occur

    dealing with electrical faults

    As plumbers we quite often find that in order for a piece of plumbing equipment to be used there will need to be electricity. Take for example the new 5-star Rheem continuous flow water heater they no longer have a pilot light and therefore rely upon ignition from ande electrical source, this electrical source also powers the combustion fan.

    Another example of electricity and plumbing could be the use of pumps in plumbing. Pumps are used in many applications, many of us are not even aware of. A pump might be used to remove storm water from a property or even to distribute water into a house or business. All these pumps use electricity to power them.

    How Can An Electrical Fault Occur?


    There are many ways in which we find water and electricity colliding, below are a few of the common examples we come across while working in suburbs such as Mt Barker, Glenelg, Norwood, Unley, Crafers and North Adelaide:

    • Poorly installed conduit to a pump chamber: In warmer months condensation will build up inside of the conduit from the pump pit to the control box above ground. If the conduit is not sealed correctly then it will let moisture into the pump control box
      which in turn will cause a circuit breaker to trip out. A pump specialist such as Mayfair Plumbing should attend faults like this as pump investigations are very in a specialised field of the plumbing industry of Adelaide.
    • Failed electrical heating element: Inside of all mains pressure hot water systems which are powered by electricity they will have a heating element and a thermostat. Over time the heating element will fail and typically leak through the two electrical terminals. With the build-up of moisture, it will cause the circuit breakers inside the property to trip alerting the property owners to a fault as there will be no hot water.
    • Leaking water tanks: Inside of all ZIP and Billi water filtration systems they will have at least one water tank and sometimes two for boiling water as well. If these vessels develop a leak, it will cause the anti-flooding device to switch off all further water supply to the system. A fault such as this will require a specialist water filtration company to attend and have the ZIP or Billi system serviced or repaired.
    • Split heat exchanger: When a continuous flow water heater reaches the end of its life one of the more common faults is a leaking heat exchanger. The heat exchanger takes the cold water in and allows the gas flame to heat the water while travelling around it before delivering to the outlet which has been turned on. If and when this fixture develops a leak it will most likely wet all the computers causing a major electrical failure. In the instance of this occurring the hot water system will need replacing. Today the common go to for a new instant hot water system is either a Rinnai or Rheem unit and they come in either 16, 20 or 26 litre models.
    • Electrical motor burn out: Over time things break down and pumps are exemption to this. The casing which houses submersible and above ground pumps is designed to protect the electrical motor from coming into contact with moisture. Over time these watertight seals break down and cause’s what is known as “Electrical motor burn out or electrical motor failure”. In these circumstances the pump will need to be replaced. Today we typically supply and install Grundfos, Davey, Onga, Calpeda, Bianco, Reefe and Lowara in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. Did you know that failure such as this is majority of the time covered by your home insurance policy?

    Having The Problem Fixed


    Did you know that Mayfair Plumbing offer emergency pump and emergency hot water repairs across Adelaide? We carry all the parts that are needed to have your pump fixed promptly and to have your hot water system back up and running in no time. ZIP and Billi water filters changed over along with minor and major repairs performed in the home or office.

    If you have experienced an electrical fault which is now causing your plumbing to play up call us today on 0429361819 or send us an email on plumbers@mayfairplumbng.com.au

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